Body Sequencing For Fat Loss

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Determine Your Fat Loss Starting Point, The Fastest Path To Pain Relief, & Your Body’s Secret Language

by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri
Body Sequencing & Fat Loss Expert

Have you ever felt that your body isn’t as responsive to diets and exercise programs as your friends?

The first step in improving your health is learning where to begin. Most people simply start in the wrong place, which leads to disappointment and sub-par results. By learning the proper starting point in your fat loss journey, you are expediting your results and guaranteeing yourself a similar outcome to “everyone else.”

In order to properly assess where to begin, it’s important we go over a bit of preliminary information to help you understand this process — You’ve already heard of this information before, but just not applied this way.:

  • Your body has various ‘systems’ (circulatory, nervous, digestive, etc.)
  • Every system of your body has a priority level, relative to the rest of your systems, when it comes to survival.
  • When you work on your body’s systems in order, you follow the natural path to better health.

In an emergency room, this is exactly how they screen a “Jane Doe” when she comes in unconscious and without family to tell the story. They start by looking at her heart, vital organs, and outward. Once the surgeons eliminate the life threatening risk, they move outward towards the rest of the body, ending with your musculoskeletal and integumentary systems (i.e. muscles and skin.)

The thing is… no one is screening all of your systems outside of the ER, but your life is at risk, just slowly instead of immediately.

  1. If your heart is struggling, you’re not going to lose fat until you take the stress off of your heart.
  2. If you have major digestive issues, your body will respond in the opposite way to exercise until you do one simple exercise first.
  3. If your hormones are out of whack and you’re depressed, you have to fix this before you’re going to build muscle or get a flat stomach.

Fat loss, muscle building, and health improvement through exercise is all about understanding what your body needs, and when.

Body Sequencing solves this problem.

If your goal is to lose fat and get a flat stomach, make sure you’re going in sequence. Here are 11 of the most important screening questions I’ve come up with so far to help you make the decision:

Question: Related System:
Do you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure? Circulatory System
Have you suffered from a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, or is your posture out of whack? Nervous System
Do you experience severe breathing difficulty with exercise, or early in the day, before you exercise? Respiratory System
Do you suffer from depression, moodiness, or have elevated blood sugar? Endocrine System
Do you get sick often or have a known immune system disease/disorder? Immune System
Do your legs, feet, or hands often get swollen and stay swollen? Lymphatic System
Have you recently given birth, are you preparing your body to do so, or have you lost your ability to reproduce recently? Reproductive System
Are you frequently dehydrated, or do you have kidney stones? Urinary System
Do you currently have any broken bones, bone marrow disease, or abnormal red or white blood cell counts? Skeletal System
Do you currently have any pain related to movement, or long-lasting pain after exercise?
Would you consider your muscular strength and muscular length balanced (strength vs flexibility)?
Muscular System
Do you have any major abrasions, cuts, scrapes, or bruises that are noticeable on your skin?
Do you currently have or have you recently suffered from some form of skin cancer?
Integumentary System

I’ve found these 11 questions, when responded to in order, to be the most influential way to progress your health. While the sequence is not exactly the same as what’s used in the ER, it has been proven to work the best this way when it comes to exercise.

Remember, you have to work on question #1 before you go onto question #2, and so on. When you approach your health this way, fat loss is easy, and it’s very natural.

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