4 Step Flat Stomach Formula <– ‘Plug’ & ‘Lose Stomach Fat’


I decided I’m just going to lay it out for you, and walk you through the exact plan you can use to lose stomach fat and get a flat stomach. Please make sure to follow this formula to the tee, while complementing it with a rapid fat loss nutrition plan.

As for the exercise, here we go – this is exactly what I’d like you to do:

Instructions for a Flat Stomach: You will be creating 8 workouts, utilizing 2 workouts for 2 weeks before progressing to the following 2 workouts, as you see listed below. Each workout will be 25 minutes in duration, and the most important thing you can do is hit momentary muscular failure in every set that you do. This means that you go until your last ‘good’ rep, with perfect form, on every exercise, and you have to adjust the weight accordingly.

Also, keep your core ‘on,’ meaning that you should always be stabilizing your spine and working out in the posture you’d like to stay in. If your abdominal muscles are stretched (belly expanded) while you work out, you’re more likely to train the muscles to stay this way. Instead, keep a light, voluntary contraction in your “don’t let me twist you” muscles.

  1. Beginner Fat Loss A & B – Weeks 1 and 2

    Build two workouts that are whole-body based and moderately dynamic. It’s important that you rest one body part while working another, and then only take ‘true’ rest breaks after every 10-15 exercises. By alternating between squats, pushes, lunges, pulls, and planks, you will definitely hit everything you need.

    Your second goal in creating these workouts will be to make the exercises more complicated as your workout goes on. For example, your first exercise might be a ‘squat,’ but your 6th exercise would be a ‘squat and press,’ thereby building 2 movements into a single exercise. This will enhance the metabolic effect of your workouts and prepare you for Weeks 5 & 6.

    Last, alternate high reps and low reps for opposite muscle groups on Workout A & B. If you lift heavier with ‘Squats’ and ‘Pulls,’ for example, then I want you to lift lighter and higher rep ranges with ‘Lunges’ and ‘Pushes.’

  2. Muscle Building A & B – Weeks 3 and 4

    Now, we’re going to mix things up a little bit. For each of these workouts, I want you to pick 6-8 exercises, honing in on exercises that allow you to lift a lot of weight. Next, pick an additional 6-8 exercises that work on muscle balancing, as this should be a part of every muscle building workout.

    HINT: Muscle balancing exercises work the smaller muscle groups, as well as the main recruiters of your core, which turn ‘off’ the muscles that are overworking and shouldn’t be. Exercises for your rotator cuff, main postural stabilizers, hip rotators, etc. all qualify.

    Again, you should alternate muscle groups of emphasis on these workouts, and you should aim to hit between 6-10 reps on every ‘strength’ exercise you do.

  3. Intermediate Fat Loss A & B – Weeks 5 and 6

    This is just like Weeks 1 & 2, but the exercises are more complex from the very beginning. Now, the goal will be to build as many movements into a single exercise as possible, while adding dynamic surfaces like dyna discs, exercise balls, vertical dumbbells, Bosu balls, medicine balls, or any other unstable surface to the mix.

    By forcing your body to stabilize with these high-intensity exercises, rather than focusing on the amount of weight you’re lifting, you can increase intensity in a different way. This is great for building an amazingly strong body that has incredible tolerance to exercise.

    With increase ‘exercise tolerance,’ you lose fat faster.

  4. Lean & Healthy A & B – Weeks 7 and 8 (recovery phase)

    Go light to moderate on all workouts and aim for continuous movement. Hit all muscle groups in all workouts.

Recently, I’ve been seeing great results by creating ‘dynamic and focused’ periodization phases. Essentially, that’s what you see above. The periodization phase is focused on fat loss, as the overall objective, but we’re taking a rest from super high intensity, whole-body based exercise, and shifting our focus to muscle recruitment and increasing the load in weeks 3 and 4. This allows us to ‘rest,’ in a  sense, and produce better results on Weeks 5 and 6… at least that’s what I think :-)

The main reason I’ve been able to test out so many different workout methods recently to find the methods that work best is because I have a tool that writes the workouts for me – it’s called Create My Workout, and it’s awesome.

Here’s a special link where you can grab all 8 workouts for Free, in case you’d rather save the 3-4 hours it would take to write them all out.

Have any questions, or ready to tell the world about your results? no holding back here — share share your thoughts or exepriences in the comments section below!

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  • Sam J

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  • Scooter

    Dear Dr. Kareem.
    I have had 20-25 knee surgeries, I cant run, I have a cadaver patella tendon, and a new knee and I am missing a knee capon the other knee. I have tried your squats and other exercises. I have a mental disorder and take lots of medicine allowing me to smile. I weigh 235 and have a big gut.
    Why do my knees hurt so much!

  • asd

    Should it be done on every other day

  • Mirela_para

    Hi, great advice!
    One thing I failed to understand: “Last, alternate high reps and low reps for opposite muscle groups on Workout A & B. If you lift heavier with ‘Squats’ and ‘Pulls,’ for example, then I want you to lift lighter and higher rep ranges with ‘Lunges’ and ‘Pushes.’”
    From my experience, opposite muscles must be kept in balance, right? You say to alternate low reps with high reps on opposite muscles – would that preserve perfect balance? High reps burn calories, low reps burn fat, right?

    Please explain,

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

       Yep, you’re going to alternate on opposite days, so you always work ‘squats’ for example at both low and high reps, just on different days.

      As for high reps and low reps, here’s a more accurate way to think about it:

      High reps (lower weight) – great fat-burning effect, awesome for heart rate, and muscular endurance.

      Low reps (higher weight) – great for teaching your muscles to handle more, building muscle, and working muscular strength, rather than muscular endurance.

      Together, you end up with a more balanced result. 

      Make sense?