The ‘Universal’ language

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The ‘Universal’ language.

Today, I will be sharing what may be the most important lesson I have ever learned.

Did you know that we were born with a ‘universal’ language that every baby can understand, and we only lose it through the adoption of societal views and modern-day language?

Are you aware that the oldest language of the Universe resides within us, as our ‘mother tongue’?

Are you open to the possibility that you know another language, deep within your DNA?

Some people call it ‘intuition’ while others call it ‘the voice of God’, a ‘higher self’, ‘source’, or the ‘collective consciousness’. No matter what you choose to call it, let’s recognize it’s a language.

For within this language lies the ability to communicate with any person, plant, tree, flower, blade of grass, the wind, air, water, light, fire, or animal. It’s the same reason some people believe they are horse or dog whisperers. You see, these people get in touch with their mother tongue and learn how to use it in order to communicate through ‘feeling’ and ‘being’ with another animal.

Are you interested to learn your natural born method of communication, the one that came before English or any other language?

If so, please follow the instructions below and make this part of your daily practice. In fact, the more you practice — i.e. in every single moment — the stronger your communication will grow, and the more pleasantly surprised you will be with the results.

Instructions: ask yourself the following 5 questions every morning, before every meal, and before bed every night:

  1. How do I feel?
  2. Am I happy?
  3. Was today awesome?
  4. Is my name (insert your name here)?
  5. Who will I see or hear from next? (i.e. what person will you hear from next?)

When you ask how you feel, you’ll get a sensation that grows within your body. Pay attention to this sensation or any information you get and write down your answer.

When you ask if you are happy, you’ll already know the answer. Or sometimes, you might think you’re happy and then realize there’s a layer underneath you’ve been hiding from yourself. It can be sobering to ask this question, and then wonderful to process your feelings and move onto happiness.

When you ask whether or not today was awesome, you’ll once again already know the answer. Pay attention the feeling you have in your body. Some people feel tingles as a yes, or the left-side of their bodies might feel light. Others might hear something or see something (i.e. a vision, something in nature like a cloud that symbolizes something to them, or even an animal that conveys a particular meaning fly, run, or swim by).

The reason you ask about your name is to get a sense of what a ‘yes’ might feel, sound, or look like. Pay attention to this answer, and also if the question before was a ‘no’ what the difference might be.

Finally, the reason you are asking who you will see or hear from next is to see if there is a possibility of having access to otherwise-impossible to know information.

Write down your answers/experience and journal them. Whenever you ‘get’ an answer (i.e. you feel something, hear something, see something, or think of something), assume this is your intuition communicating with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong. It doesn’t even matter if you’re making everything up in the beginning, or if you think you are! Without judging what you get, simply respond ‘as if’ you were having a conversation with your life experience.

It only matters that you listen and respond. It only matters that you start the conversation, as the information will become more precise and more clear over time.

Practice this exercise every day for 2 weeks and pay attention to the trajectory. Are you gaining any accuracy? Have you begun learning a language — in a rather fluent way — within just two weeks?

Today’s thought exercise:

Will this experiment prove that you know the ‘Universal’ language best of all languages, and all you have to do is start communicating this way in order to remember?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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