Meet Dr. Kareem

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Meet Dr. Kareem.

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri
Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist

As it turns out, you can ‘heal’ your body through increasing movement while decreasing inflammation, and there is no one more poised to teach you how to ‘use’ movement to improve your health than Dr. Kareem Samhouri. Dr. Kareem has gained world-wide popularity as the ‘go-to’ Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer for billionaires, professional & Olympic athletes, world famous health authors, and their families.

Dr. Kareem has rehabilitated and trained Olympic and professional athletes, baby boomers with joint pain who want to lose weight, older adults with balance issues, people in comas, others who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, rare disease, heart issues, or lung disease, pregnant women, children, and even babies. He’s worked with the highest and lowest levels of health, and he’s been able to achieve shockingly beneficial outcomes in all categories. He taught his oldest patient, who was 112 years old, how to dance again, and helped his youngest, who was in the NICU and only 4 days old, adapt to this world 18 weeks too soon.

Over the last 18 years, Dr. Kareem has learned ‘personalized health’ may be the missing piece. Certain body types react to one environment, food, or exercise program completely differently than other body types; and, depending upon the choices you’ve made, your specific situation is different than your family, friends, or co-workers.

You are programmed to have incredible abilities, strengths, and talents, from a biological perspective. When you begin working within your strengths and understand how to communicate effectively with others, you’ll likely see the world in a new and even more beautiful way.

Topics like weight loss, fat loss, anti-aging, and skincare become the past; the future is filled with enjoying your body, your life, and your unique advantages. Working with Dr. Kareem means spreading the message of personalized health to the world from an empowered perspective, which means this begins with you.

Your body is designed to heal or decay — from now on, decide on your own health momentum — regain control, while you begin to look and feel years younger.

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Dr. Kareem Samhouri

Dr. Kareem Samhour is known as (perhaps) the best Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist on the internet. People come to him for results when other methods fail, injury gets in the way, or health situation is more complicated. Dr. Kareem Samhouri exercising In fact, he and his companies reach a combined total of 1.5 MILLION people on a daily basis to help them with their health. If you ever saw Dr. Kareem on the street and mentioned something was going on with your health, however, he would volunteer and offer to help you for free... that's the Dr. Kareem way.

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