Your Turn

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Your Turn.
Stand up — or sit up — straight. It’s your turn.

It’s your turn to take a deep breath. It’s your turn to relax your mind. It’s your turn to do ‘what’ you want, ‘how’ you want, and ‘when’ you want.

It’s your turn.

And it’s my turn. In fact, it can be everyone’s turn all at once. We tend to limit ourselves by attempting to be thoughtful for everyone else in our lives, thereby changing how we spend our days, how we think, and how we act. For many of us — after a certain point — we lash out, because we’re not receiving enough.

What if each of us filled our love tanks first, and only when we overflowed did we fill someone else’s? What would it feel like to receive only from people who already feel amazing?

Do you think you might be more willing to receive?

You see, each of us is programmed to avoid toxic environmental influences. If there’s too much smoke in the air, we cough and get close to the ground. If the sun is too hot, we find shade. If the people around us feel awful, we tend to move away or shield ourselves as best as we know how.

But when the people around us feel amazing, there’s never been a better feeling than the hug they give. That’s because we put our shields down, welcome love and support, and allow ourselves to become vulnerable once again.

There’s no reason to be afraid, because the person caring for us took care of themselves first.

So, it stands to reason those who wish to help others must help themselves first. If you choose to help others before you feel absolutely incredible, you may accidentally hurt them instead. It may not be obvious in the moment, but during a phase of vulnerability, their shield-power is low and you may get through by ‘feeling’ more than ‘words’.

Today, I ask you to remember you’re communicating all the time. If it doesn’t feel great inside your body, that’s what it feels like — at a sub-sensory level — outside your body for others. Choose yourself first, fill up your own love tank (or learn how), and then share your world with others. Ask for help as needed, but only offer when you are truly in a position of strength.

Today’s thought exercise:
What is a position of strength, anyway? As I write this to you, I am both the ‘student’ and the ‘leader’. How would you describe yourself?

I describe myself as someone who’s here to help. I describe myself as someone who gets access to information/life lessons and chooses to share as I learn. I describe myself as perfect and dynamic:

Perfect — because I was born this way, and so I am.
Dynamic — because as I learn and evolve, so will these lessons.

One thing I know is I love you, and I believe it’s each of our turns to choose ourselves. Stand up for yourself. It’s your turn now.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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