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You are incredible.

When’s the last time you stopped to think about how perfectly your body works, how everything fits together in perfect form, and how divinely you’re designed? It’s pretty wild when we consider each organ sits in its perfect place, automatically performing its function, all the while your body is nourishing itself with oxygen and blood; without thought or effort.

Then, we take a step back and think about the similarities of one group of cells — constituting a body part or organ — sitting beside a second group of cells. As we expand outwardly and take a look at our bodies as a conglomerate of different types of cells, each sitting nearby (not next to) one another, it becomes more apparent we can draw parallels between us and the Universe, or all that is. We are organized and structured — from one cell type to another — like a planet, system of stars, or solar system lays beside one other.

When we step back from it all, we are like mini-Universes, and the Universe is like a big version of us. In the same way adding pollution to air affects our planet, erodes the ozone layer, and seeps into outer space, the health of each organ or body part affects the rest of our bodies and health.

Similarly, the health of each other affects the whole. If exhaust inside our planet can seep into outer space and affect the health of the most expansive thing we understand, then can’t the health of one another seep through a semi-permeable membrane — called our “skin” — and affect us too? After all, there is space in between each cell in our bodies, separated by a ‘cell wall’. This cell wall suggests we are not ‘whole’, per say, but we are instead lots of cells separated by tons and tons of small bits of space.

And if we are ‘not’ whole, the ability of one cell to easily move and glide nearby another becomes as important as any other aspect of health. In turn, balancing the ability for cells to easily move and function — i.e. energetics — may prove to be one of the most useful areas of focus for science and medicine.

You are divinely created and organized. The coincidence of your body, how perfectly it functions, even — and especially — when you’re not feeling well is incredible. If you’re sick, your body raises its temperature and takes away a safe environment for the bug. If you’re stomach is ill, your body excretes toxins and provides you with a reset. If you have an infection, your body sends specialty cells to eat it. So, it stands to argue a total solution for health may exist by energetically balancing cell function of any organ and being able to signal stem cells in your body to come help as needed — for any specific location in your body — at any given time.

You are absolutely incredible.

Outside of birth defect, we are born with 20 healthy amino acid chains, or 20 healthy proteins. Should we choose to express our best genes, we all have the ability to be healthy. The keys are:

  • Knowing how to manage your genes, moment to moment, for greatest health.
  • Inspired action — for knowledge is only 10% and the other 90% comes from doing.

Today’s thought exercise:

Do you remember thinking about how we can affect one another’s health? Well, if enough of us are unhealthy, can we affect the health of this entire planet? And can this planet affect the health of our solar system or bigger?

We are in this together, and we always have been.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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