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*NOTE: Today’s world health newsletter is inspired by a conversation with Christine Burke about my mother. The joy my mother is able to bring this world is phenomenal, and I feel so lucky to be your son, Mama. Happy Mother’s Day, every day.

How ‘often’ are you bursting with joy?

Do you find yourself unusually excited about life compared to others around you? So much so it’s difficult to contain, you find yourself making silly child-like sounds like: yippee, yay, wooohooo, and the like? And are you excited to experience life this way on an every day basis?

It’s my wish for you to live a life that constantly amazes you. It’s my wish for you to see new situations as opportunities, and see obstacles as adventure. It’s my wish for you to adjust your ‘lens on life’ and focus on the best of what’s here for you.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb to help you center, ultimately creating more ‘yippee-level’ experiences:
Think of love, feel love, be/speak as love.*

*NOTE: we can substitute the word ‘love’ with: God, source, bliss, or anything else that might be your ultimate existence.

Do you realize you have a choice how you get to feel?

Even in the worst of circumstances, you have the ability to choose your feelings. Even with awful physical pain, you get to choose how you feel. On your last breath, you get to choose how you feel; much as you did on your first.

So long as you’re alive, your greatest freedom is feeling. No government, dictatorship, war, gender, race, or sector can overpower your ability to feel as you choose. But, first you must understand you have the choice.

Next, you must recognize it’s uncommon to have been taught ‘how’ to feel, control feelings, and thereby radically shift the perception of your own life. So, as you must learn, others must as well. We must be patient and supportive, as we educate society on emotional intelligence.

Today’s thought exercise:

What is the #1 lesson you wish to share with the world surrounding ‘feeling’?

Perhaps your purpose is to transform suffering into joy more quickly, or maybe you’re on the other side and want to focus on sustaining joy when it exists. Either way, your contribution is invaluable, and simply giving this thought, building intention, and recognizing opportunities to share is all it takes. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


PS — I received this the other day from a good friend of mine, Tieg Alexander. She’s one of those people who is super young, but seems like she’s been around for 85+ years. So wise. So confirming of thoughts, ideas, and feelings I might already be considering. So timely.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy her thoughts as much as I did — short and sweet:

“We’re not afraid of what might happen. The fear is of what we imagine we might feel if it happened. Nobody is afraid of being alone. The fear is of feeling alone, which has very little to do with being alone. We can feel alone without being alone, and be alone without feeling alone. Nobody is afraid of failure. The fear is of feeling like a failure, which has very little to do with failing. We can feel like a failure without failing, and fail without feeling like a failure. When we realize this, when we realize that it is only our own inner experience that we fear, we are free. We are free to explore our inner world, knowing that our ability to experience Love cannot be touched by circumstance. As we experience the Love that we are, we become fearless”

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