Who are you??

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Who are you?? 

Who are you?

If you forget what everyone has ever told you, who are you at the core? What do you like? Who do you love? How do you love? And what matters most to you? What are you here for? And what excites you the most?

When you look deeply into your own eyes, does the image match your outsides? In other words, do you see the same person on the inside as you do on the outside? Or are you softer on the inside? Deeper? More loving? More cautious?

When you look deeply inside yourself — physically speaking — you get to know an area that is hidden from most of the world. Along the course of your life, you became very good at hiding areas of vulnerability — by hiding your eyes and projecting confidence through gesture, volume, and hand movements — and a bit shy to visit emotions within yourself.

However, how you feel is part of you; it’s a significant part of you. The way you feel — and choose to feel — affects your entire existence. Your opinions about what feels right and wrong, what feels loving vs not, and what feels like a great use of your time vs ‘not’ is humungous to put into perspective.

Once you put your emotions, thoughts, and opinions into perspective, you allow yourself to become the observer. As the observer, you’re able to question how much you agree with what you’ve been telling yourself, or if it’s something another person told you and you began repeating.

As the observer, you’ll be able to witness yourself having reactions to someone else’s tone of voice, statements, gestures, or lack of action. You’ll begin to feel how this reacts inside your body, how it can be affecting you on an epigenetic level, and how someone else’s behavior ultimately determines your health on a minute-to-minute basis.

Perhaps you’ll have the motivation — as the observer — to take a seat in your director’s chair and begin planning your emotions, circumstances, and reality for the healthiest you. That is, of course, if you ‘first’ stop and observe what’s happening, how you feel, and how its affecting you and everyone around you.

Today’s thought exercise:

Are you living in in accordance with who you are, at a gut level? Are you fulfilling your life’s passion by working with your natural gifts and abilities — and then scaling them to the best of your ability — to create the most happiness, love, and fulfillment amongst all those in your surroundings?

Either way, I challenge you to be you. You are perfect as you, and you always will be.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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