what IF?

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what IF?.
What ‘if’ everything you knew — or understood about this world — were wrong? For example — what if:
  • We weren’t solid, but we are semi-solid beings?
  • Carbs, proteins, and fats didn’t matter; nutrient quality is what does?
  • Space travel already exists inside the mind?
  • You are much more powerful — and magical — than you know?
  • Your body was designed to live 2-3x longer, but no one gave you the instructions?
  • You’ve never had to feel pain or suffer through disease (or watch your family do so)?
  • There were no such thing as ‘control’, but every manifestation of your life, including relationships, problems, obstacles, and dilemmas were designed by you?
  • Your parents made you, but you chose them?
  • There were more than one version of you, in parallel Universes, and you get access to all of them when you open your eyes and ears?
  • You could ask any question and get an answer?
  • Air, as we like to call it, were a highly intelligent organism that is in constant interaction with us, allowing us to receive signs from nature to answer our deepest questions?
  • You could re-write all your subconscious programs to automate lifestyle design and create your ultimate reality?
  • Your pain, weight, or health issues had much more to do with perception than any one program or bit of advice?
  • Your genes didn’t limit you in any way?
  • Death were like birth, meaning in order for a baby to be born, a soul must pass from an older body to a younger one?

Hmmm… I suppose if any ‘one’ of the above questions were true it would change the way I think, live, and act. Actually, I’m not sure how I decided any of this wasn’t true, outside of accepting what other people told me as fact.

Today’s thought exercise:

If you dive deep, how much knowledge — meaning that wasn’t taught to you by someone else, an author, or a textbook — is actually yours?

Consider the possibility you are here to acquire your own knowledge, learn from others, but take their opinions — and experiences — with a grain of salt.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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