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If weird means I’m uniquely me — and there’s no one else in the world like me — then I’m super weird. How about you?

You see, ‘weird’ means you have permission to act like yourself, think like yourself, move like yourself, eat like yourself, and be yourself. It means the best thing you can possibly do is follow your heart, use it to command the questions of your headspace/mind, and remember to tune into your gut for navigation of concerns as you go.

It means you can have a weird thought, explore it, and not be judged for it. Being ‘weirdly unique’ means you are accepted for being different, and it’s ok.

Hey, if being weird means all this, I’m delighted to be weird.

What do ‘you’ think? Do you want to get weird with me?

Do you want to start living your own life? No longer following rules given to you by society, but instead acting through — and by — your own life GPS for right/wrong, good/bad, and what feels true to heart. How does this sound to you?

Are you willing to give up the control that was placed on top of your creative abilities? Are you prepared to stop limiting others, implying their actions could somehow affect ‘you’ in a negative way, just through them acting out of love?

Are you willing to accept the concept of Heaven on Earth, where each of us gets to fully design our own lives, follow the path and actions that make the most sense to us, and accept others are doing the same? Because if you are, I’d love to spend my life with you.

In fact, I doubt my life will be very different if you accept me for all I am; perceivably, I’ll feel different, but my daily reality will probably be quite similar.

Today’s thought exercise:

How nice will it be to perceive your life is ‘everything’ you wish for, every step of the way? And that you don’t get in trouble for being you, no matter what?

You being ‘you’ helps others be themselves, and that leads to a happier world.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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