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When you think of waves, do you think of the ocean?

Or sound waves? Or the light spectrum? Or something else, entirely?

Personally, I like to consider all forms of waves; and how they are both similar and different. For example, all waves basically function in the same way: they tend to come in sets, there is a continual flow, and when they combine, they do so in a rather unpredictable fashion that seems to create a more-than-cumulative effect in new surface area covered.

So, in plain English, think about the ocean. When two waves combine, they rise into one bigger/taller wave, but they also seem to be at least the same length they were before combining. Together, they are able to overcome more obstacles — like rocks in their path — without losing speed or force. Interestingly, waves seem to defy logic that 1 + 1 = 2, because it appears 1 wave + 1 wave might equal 3 or more waves in surface area, intensity, and force.

And we can make the same argument for other forms of waves, as well. In fact, this is the very basis for Quantum Physics, which explains how waves behave in a completely distinct way to atoms or molecules; meaning waves do not operate under the same governing laws previously accepted by Physics.

Interestingly, the human body is constantly emitting waves of energy, reflecting waves of light, and using voice — and other mechanisms — to emit waves of sound. Throughout each and every day, we are combining our waves with the waves of other people, places, and things around us; and in doing so, our effect grows by more than a cumulative sum. In other words, our powers combine into something much greater.

This means if we are happy, and our happy vibes combine with someone else’s happy vibes, our surroundings will emanate happiness and affect others; similarly, if we are mad, and our ‘mad waves’ combine with someone else’s ‘mad waves’, we will combine into more than two times the amount of ‘mad’. And we will similarly affect our environments with anger and frustration, as we could have happiness, love and bliss.

Perhaps this is why fear can be an epidemic, and entire islands — like Bali or Maui — can be known for happiness.

Ins’t it fascinating?!

Today’s thought exercise:

When you travel — i.e. commute to work, on an airplane, or even walk down the street — are you conscious that you are producing a vibe affecting everyone in your surroundings? And are you aware they are doing the same? What would life be like if you were tuned into this form of communication — at all times — and could choose vibes you ‘take on’ vs vibes you ‘block and replace’ with something that feels better for everyone involved?

How would our forces combine as a neighborhood, community, city, state, country, and planet? And how many of us will it take to become consciously empowered before humanity takes notice and starts sharing positive vibes in return?

Sent to you with with love, honor, and in service,


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