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There are three types of ‘vision’:

1. Sight

2. Dimensional

3. Futuristic (forecasting)

Strangely, we only teach ‘sight’ in school. The other two forms of vision are left up to us to discover throughout our lives; many people never will, as a result. Today, we’ll discuss all three.

Sight can be broken down into ‘near-distance’, ‘long distance’, and ‘gaze’. It’s important to practice all three, in that each requires a different type of focus for the lens of your eye and utilizes your eye muscles differently. When you’re looking at an object that is close to you, the distance tends to blur. Conversely, when you look at an object that is far away and attempt to focus, objects close to you tend to blur. You can enhance visual acuity (ability to see something with intense focus) by alternating between objects that are near and far.

Yet, many of us spend our days in front of a computer, on a smartphone, and watching television. This is all ‘near-distance’ visual acuity, meaning our eyes will become strained throughout the day and then tired when we end our work day and transition to ‘long-distance’. For this reason, I recommend you practice alternating between ‘near’ and ‘long’ throughout the day. And, perhaps most importantly, is that you integrate ‘gaze’. Gaze is when you stare off in the distance, like looking at the horizon, staring at an ocean, looking over rolling hills as far as the eye can see, watching the clouds move by while lying down, staring at the stars, etc.

By practicing gaze, you are taking strain off your eyes and improving your eyesight over time. Here’s a simple exercise you can practice throughout the day to optimize your vision (on top of eating Vitamin-E, like in carrots, which has known benefits for improving eyesight):

  • Close your eyes.
  • Open your eyes and find something within 5 feet to focus on as quickly as possible.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Open your eyes and find something in the distance (50 feet or more) to focus on as quickly as possible.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Open your eyes and initiate ‘gaze’, meaning you’re no longer focusing on anything in particular, and you’re allowing yourself to see everything around you, both near and far (works best with unobstructed views, like a long street, nature, etc.)

Repeat x 15 reps x 3 sets per day.

Now, when it comes to improving ‘dimensional vision’, we are talking about an entirely different animal. Because this is left out of our educational system, most people simply write it off and think it’s hocus-pocus. But, that would be missing out on one of life’s sweetest opportunities.

As a child, you may have closed your eyes and seen little white lights, objects that move around, or circles, squares, triangles and other colored shapes. None of this was your imagination. Instead, it was an opportunity to see what is not directly ‘visible’ in our everyday environment.

As I continue to pursue my healing education, I’m being taught these ‘dimensions’ are used for miraculous healing. I’m seeing example after example of this taking place in front of me, and the results are outrageous: life-threatening disease, like cancer in Stage IV, is disappearing in a week’s time.*

*NOTE: To be clear, this is only ‘one’ of the tools being used for miraculous healing. A lot has to do with how someone’s mind processes experience, past feelings of hurt and inadequacy that create an unstable internal state for the body and mind, and epigenetic optimization.

In fact, I was recently taught a ‘dimensional’ healing protocol was used with me, in my recovery, and it helps explain the unexplainable part of what I went through…

You might wonder how to improve your own ‘dimensional vision’, so I’ll let you peek over my shoulder, as I learn. Here’s what I’ve done so far:
  • Re-connect with nature. (connect with spirit/soul)
  • Achieve a loving state, and sustain it. (become spirit/soul)
  • Peel away my ‘layers’ of hurt, sadness, loneliness, and fear of loss. I developed these as a child, as many people do, and I’ve been taking the time to heal my past to enhance my future. I highly recommend this to everyone, and it’s as simple as going to back to the first instance of a negative feeling you can remember — when it comes up — and then re-processing the experience with a new belief that ‘serves’ you, instead of hurts you.
  • Attach a meaning to dimensional vision, so the gifts are shared with me too: in my case, it’s my hope and desire to spread love and to heal my family. I focus on this, and then I open my mind.

Recently, I’ve been able to see some really weird and awesome stuff with my eyes wide open. I’m still observing, rather than trying to do anything with this gift. In time, I’ll know how to use it for helping others, as I’m taking an intensive 12-month long course specifically for this purpose that I just started.

You might call it ‘magic’, or you might want to write me off and think I’ve lost my mind. I’m ok with either, but if you abandon disbelief, you might just find you have the ability to see a world you never knew existed, yet persists directly in front of your eyes.

As I learn, so will you, so please stay tuned for more on this in the future.

Finally, is ‘futuristic vision’, or forecasting. This is a skill I regularly use in business, as part of my responsibilities as CEO. Only recently did I begin using this skill for life, rather than exclusively for business. Simply put, this is future-pacing what we see now and making an educated guess for the best path in the future.

From a spiritual side, we receive guidance towards good and bad feelings surrounding a particular decision. From a ‘gut-level’, we might feel knots in our stomachs if our intuition is leading us away from a particular decision, or we might feel calmness and happiness when we’re in alignment with our intentions and beliefs. Use these tools to help guide you, as you create a vision for your life, business, career, or what have you.

The point isn’t if your ‘futuristic vision’ will come to life; instead, the point is you’ve made a decision for the future, and you now have the ability to work backwards until you hit your goal. Your ‘vision’, in this sense, is your ability to manifest your dreams, achieve your ideal life, and feel satisfied when you do.

Again, there are three forms of vision. Most people are only focused on ‘sight’, because that’s all we learn in school. I’m here to help you fill in the gaps, and to help you realize we only know how to use the pieces of our bodies we are taught to in school. We are far more capable than we realize, and as the most abundant species on Earth, it stands to argue our connection to nature ‘can be’ at least as powerful as any other animal.

Today’s lesson is to

see ‘vision’ for what it truly is: an opportunity to see what’s in front of you, the unknown, and the future.

I’m so grateful for you,


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