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You are exceptional, in every possible way.
Did you know that musical frequencies — or sound-based vibration — can affect your mood, change cellular rhythm in your body, and thereby affect your health? And did you know that it’s FREE to listen to healing music anytime you want?

It’s true. Simply look up ‘Solfeggio’ on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Youtube, or wherever you search for music. Then, choose the frequency — or vibration — that makes the most sense for your health and body right now. Here are two examples of musical frequencies I listen to all the time:

  • 285Hz — tissue healing (great for digestion)
  • 528Hz — love frequency (great for state of mind/intentional feeling)

I listen to each of these at least 5x per day in the background on low. If my digestion is off, I listen to 285Hz all night long on the lowest possible volume setting. If my heart is confused, I do the same with 528Hz.

So simple, and yet so effective.

And I guess this begs the question: if musical vibrations interact with me — on a cellular level — even when I’m asleep, what about other things that emit a vibration in my surroundings? For example, how much are other people affecting me, or ambient sounds, smells, sights, and ultraviolet lights buzzing in the background, either in my community, my living space, or in my workspace?

Once you become aware, you are able to make a choice, and that choice will affect your reality and your ability to shift your reality. And once you are able to establish your ‘resonant frequency’, or your default frequency/vibration — uninfluenced by your environment — and others can do the same, can you imagine the harmony?

Today’s thought exercise:

If each of us is like a musical note, and we emit a particular vibration naturally, can you imagine the beautiful song we must play when we join together as empowered individuals?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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