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Human touch is amazing.
There’s nothing quite like a back rub when you’re not feeling your best, is there? When someone lays a caring hand on me, my whole body relaxes and I melt. As a child, my parents used to give me back rubs or back “scratchies”. They would instantly calm me down, get me to stop talking when they were with company, or change my mood. As an adult, my wife tries to do this for me as often as possible. She’s so sweet about it.

When I was in the hospital, the nurse who made the biggest difference for me did the same. She quietly entered the room whenever I was in critical condition, and gently rubbed my back until I woke up; then, she let me know everything was going to be ok, and no one’s opinion of whether or not I would recover was as important as my own.

Early in my life, I learned the impact of touch. As time has progressed, I’ve questioned it’s limitations, incorporated it into healing sessions with patients, and expanded upon my previous definition of ‘touch’.

You see, I believe there are two forms of touch:
  • Hands-on touch: this is exactly what you think it is. Touching a person, physically.
  • Long-distance touch: without any physical contact, it’s possible to send touch to someone, and s/he can feel it.

Some day, I may write a book on long-distance touch, but for now, I’ll simply explain how you can practice and learn to reach others who are not within arm’s reach. In fact, when you learn ‘long-distance touch’, you’ll quickly find out you can affect another person by simply thinking of them, loving them, and then committing to this practice.

Let’s take a closer look at long-distance touch and provide you with some proof:

  • Place your hands together, so your palms are touching.
  • Now, back off ever-so-slightly, so you’re hands are about 1cm apart, but your palms are still facing one another. Can you feel it? It’s almost like static electricity; some sort of charge exists.
  • Concentrate on this ‘charge’, and slowly distance your hands from one another. Take note of when it goes away, and you can no longer feel the charge between your hands.
  • Practice this, and as time goes on, you’ll notice your hands get further apart.

Today, I can spread my hands as far as my arms reach, and it feels like I’m building a haduken (reference from Street Fighter, the video game I played as a kid). Basically, it’s like a ball of energy I feel that originates in each hand, and I can manipulate it’s shape, form, and strength.

When I first started our private Physical Therapy practice, I would ‘charge up’ my hands, then place them on a patient. Whenever I did this, restrictions would go away, tissues would release, and pain would disappear. The main difference between it working and ‘not’ working was my intention, or level of focus.

Not too long after, I met my first Shaman. She worked in an office next-door to us, under the guidance of an MD who was the past president of the Board of Holistic Medicine. Since the MD saw potential in her, so did I.

Yet, when she demonstrated — what I would soon call — long-distance touch in front of me, I became a disbeliever. She snuck up on an officemate, pretended to push her from several feet back, and the officemate took a step forward. I felt it was either a coincidence or a setup.

Within a few weeks, I couldn’t help but think back to the experience. I remembered back to PT school when I was introduced to a Reiki master; he was powerful. At the time, I didn’t believe in any of this “alternative medicine”, so I was called to the front of the room to be the example. I laid face down on the massage table, as he massaged me and got rid of a crazy knot I had in my back. The whole class started laughing, so I looked up.

As it turns out, the Reiki master was standing in the back of the room, with both hands performing massage, but nowhere near me. I was dumbfounded, figured I had enough to learn, and I’d revisit this topic at a later date.

Fast forward, I ‘get’ it. Not only do I know how to do this, but I know how to teach it. Today, I’m able to ‘touch’ people who are in other rooms, states or countries, and help them get rid of aches and pains, amongst other ailments.

A few questions arise:

  • How does long-distance touch affect the fact that I’m a licensed Physical Therapist in one state at a time? In other words, I’m not supposed to treat a patient in another state, let alone country. Can this be considered “treatment”?
  • What exactly is happening that provides relief to someone, even if they don’t know I’m working on them?
  • Is there a limit to how far long-distance touch can reach? Or what it can do?

For now, I’m satisfied that it works and is helping my friends, family, loved ones, and patients who no longer live locally. As time goes on, I intend to seek answers to these questions and share them with you.

It’s my belief the world of medicine needs to take this experience seriously. Within about 2-4 weeks of practice, I believe anyone can do this with variable levels of success.

At an extreme, what if all we need to heal someone from (a lot of) conditions, aches and pains is to hold love/charge between our hands, then send it in their direction? Can you imagine how ‘intention’ could impact surgical outcomes? Or scientific process, in general? Or the use of pharmaceuticals for everyday situations, rather than life-threatening situations when drugs become the only option?

Sometimes, testing the equal and opposite scenario provides equal or better results. Before today, you may have thought touching someone doesn’t make a difference. Or maybe you thought you could only touch someone who was within your reach… but, in actuality, you can touch someone who isn’t even in the room with you.

Today’s lesson: what we see is not real. What we feel is an interpretation our brains use to make sense of a situation; that is not necessarily real, either. Think of your reality as a construct you’ve created to process what you see, which, again, is not real.

What if?!

What if you can actually help those you love by placing their “hearts in your hands”, figuratively speaking? What if your imagination and love are the most powerful assets you have? What if you have the power to change the way someone feels when everything else fails, simply by believing you can and directing your intention through your hands?

This world is awesome. Perplexing. Exciting. One day, we’ll understand the limits we’ve set don’t make any sense. One day, we’ll ‘get’ it. We are the lucky species, we’re still discovering our capabilities, and we can do unexplainable things. When directed for good, we have the ability to change lives.

Perhaps, the real solution to world health is right in the palm of our hands, in our environments, and inside our minds.

I’m so grateful for you,


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