The Secret To Easy Workout Success

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Your body has access points, short circuits, and subconscious healing power.

Let’s talk about each one in greater detail:

Access points – these are like pivot points, or areas in your body that take maximum strain, but they can withstand it well. For example, your center of mass (CoM). This is located where your fingers would meet if you took one index finger and pointed just above your belly button, and the other index finger and pointed at your side, just above your hip bone.

Your CoM is the #1 area in your body for controlling movement. Wherever your center of mass goes, you’re inclined to move. Therefore, if you reach and grab an object that’s overhead or in front of you, your CoM shifts upward and forward, meaning that this would be the ‘balance point’ for your body if it were a seesaw.

Naturally, since your body always needs to react by recruiting protective muscles, stabilizing segments in your spine to prevent a herniated disc, etc. when your CoM moves, this is a great starting point for rehabilitation when it comes to pain relief through realignment. Due to improper posture, mal-positioned joints, etc., your body shifts the location of your CoM, and weaker, less capable muscles are left to take over to prevent injury. Since these weaker muscles that are not part of your true core are attempting to do the work for stronger core muscles, your body is set up for failure and is bound to get injured.

We need to re-assign the right position (Day 1 & 2) and then re-center you in Day 3 by re- training the “right” muscles to hold you where you belong.

Short circuits are pathways in your body that create an ‘override’ signal to produce a desired result. For example, when you place your finger on a hot stove, a pain signal goes off that tells you to lift your finger off the stove. Without thinking, you automatically remove your finger from the stove… you’ve just overridden your movement center with your pain tracks in your nervous system.

My goal is to help you find these short circuits, use them to your advantage, and override pain instead. At the same time, I’d like to show you how to properly recruit your muscles, get muscle contractions you actually want, and override the signals that have been blocking them for so long. It’s easy once you know what to do.

Subconscious healing power takes place once your body understands what to do with this new stimulus. It will continue to organize your body for improved outcomes… whether it believes you need to be restricted and in pain or full of pain relief and completely mobile.

Once you “trigger” the healing response, your subconscious mind will find ways to improve coordination, strength, mobility and activation of all these muscles without you even having to do anything. It’s amazing to see the end-result of a SMART healing plan 🙂

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