The “Fog”

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The “Fog”.
“I step through the fog, and I creep through the smog…”

~ Snoop Doggy Dogg

While partially in jest, I find great wisdom in this quote. Life is not always so clear. Often times, we live in a situation we might not love, and we find ourselves feeling ‘victim’ to circumstance. The truth is: we always get a say.

We are in a constant state of co-creation of our lives. We choose what we love in our lives, and we choose to be shown ‘un-love’ equally. If we really hate something or someone, we can all but guarantee we will be shown multiple examples of this scenario/relationship/person/circumstance until we make peace. The Universe has our back, and it’s always working with us to personalize our life experience to the extent that what we focus upon, is.

So, I dare you to take responsibility. I dare you to step into ‘you’, and to take your life seriously, to believe you are co-creating your reality, and to assume you are responsible for everything you both like and don’t like in your life. Will you take this challenge?

Will you choose to believe your life is circumstantial, and will you honor the fact that the world is more complex than the human brain knows how to process?

What about ants?

Do you have any hesitation in saying that ‘ants’ really don’t understand as much about this world as we do? And do you believe that ants are just going about their days, mindlessly working on whatever is in front of them, and whatever they understand? Or do you believe ants have the ability to comprehend the radical vastness of this Universe and all that it is?

So, why do ‘we’ operate with such a level of conceit that we assume we will understand — at some point in our lives — all that is? Why do we attempt to create everything ourselves, play God, and get upset at circumstances, pointing the finger at something else or someone else every time something goes differently than what we might have wanted or expected?

I personally make this mistake all the time. I have an old — and now expiring — belief that I can control my life. You see, I made the mistake of confusing ‘co-creation’ with ‘creation’, thinking that I can change anything, be anything, do anything so long as I commit my mind and heart to it. I no longer believe this to be true. I am one factor, and that which I focus upon expands.

However, ‘co-create’ implies there is another creator, i.e. the Universe. The Universe must understand — from a higher perspective — what I am actually here to learn, how my lessons will affect another person, and how it all fits together. Each time I think, feel, see, envision, or imagine a scenario, I am emitting a wish that must be answered. And the answer may not come as I have intended for it to arrive. Instead, it will come to me in the form that is for the highest good, and this is something I don’t get a say about, and I believe I may never fully understand.

So, I choose to surrender. I choose to have faith. I choose to take a leap of faith. I choose to live with the perspective that everything I am shown, experience, and believe in is here for me for a reason, and the reason is for the highest good. My worst day is perhaps my best day, so long as enough time goes by to offer me the perspective of how it will feel when I see it from a more distant perspective.

Often times, we look back and our memories are kinder than our experiences; this is accomplished through:

  1. The innate human quality of optimism.
  2. Perspective that each and every moment in our lives served us in some way, shape or form.

Yet, inside ‘a’ moment this lesson can be so hard to remember.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. Today, I surrender to it, as I finally chose to yesterday. Tomorrow, or some day soon, I may even understand how it helped me. For now, I choose to have faith and believe I’m here for a reason, and even yesterday was here for a reason.

Today’s thought exercise:

If you look back at your three hardest moments in the last decade, what have you learned through them? How have they served you and/or the greatest good? Search your mind and heart, and when you conclude this process, I encourage you to remember your lessons and apply them to every day — good or (perceived to be) bad — in your life.

I love you.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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