The FASTEST WORKOUT in the world

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Some days I just don’t have time to exercise…

…but I do have time for the fastest workout in the world. Here’s exactly what you do:

1.) Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Plank (pick one of each, and alternate every rep)
2.) Repeat alternating exercises until each one burns out.

For example, here are 5 exercises you can use:

1.) Squat Jumps With A Med Ball Hold
2.) Rotational Push Ups
3.) Reverse Spider Lunges
4.) Renegade Dumbbell Rows
5.) Cross-Over Straight Arm Plank

If you still have energy in your squats after your pecs and triceps burn out on the push, drop the push and keep going with your squats and any other exercises that are still leftover. Continue to alternate exercises until you are down to one and then burn it out.

This entire workout should take less than 5 minutes, and it can be done any day that you’re short on time and you want a metabolic spiker that will send your metabolism through the roof.

That’s the exact principle with Ab Strength Guide. 10 minutes per day and done.

It’s awesome.

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