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I wish…

I wish for you, I wish for your happiness, I wish for you to feel love, like the love I feel for you right now. First and foremost, I wish for you to invite me in, for I’m useless in the absence of your intention.

And while doing so, I wish for you to invite yourself into your own heart. The simple act of choosing to receive love — which is all I personally ever wish to share with you — is required in order to receive it.

Have you ever noticed you’re having a rough day, and then realized people in your surroundings are trying to get through to you and don’t stand a chance? Has it ever occurred to you that you can feel relief by smelling a flower, feeling the sun, putting your feet in water, or feeling the wind gently massage your back?

Of course, you first must invite in the smell, sound, feeling, or sight. If you don’t choose to shift your awareness towards that which is in your surroundings and full of love, you will continue to experience un-love.

Temptation comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s a draw to do something that isn’t so good for you, like eating ice cream, pizza, avoiding exercise, or being mean to someone you love. Sometimes, it’s blocking the world. Other times, it’s staying in a bad mood, because somehow you may be thinking it helps to process something until it disappears; and boy-oh-boy is that confusing. The more you center yourself on that which is unpleasant, the more unpleasant it becomes.

A good friend and mentor of mine taught me to rephrase my questions, or my internal dialogue.
Instead of:

Why am I in such a bad mood?
Why is life so hard for me right now? (feel the way these questions feel inside your body when you ask them — go ahead, do this right now)

I can shift my attention to questions that serve me and my goal of achieving a happy, loving life.
For example, these questions can transform into:

What would it feel like to experience total relief and happiness right now, even if only for the next 15 minutes?
Why am I so lucky to have an easy and awesome life, especially today and in this moment? (again, make sure you ask yourself these questions, right now, to experience the difference inside your body, on a cellular level.)

Can you feel the difference? What do you notice, in specific? Is it a sensation of relief? An image? A sound or message? Whatever you notice, pay attention. It is making a difference, and the solution for happiness is, in fact, this simple.

For now, you might need to write down a handful of questions that serve you, and you may need to re-read them throughout the day for at least six weeks. After six weeks, you will literally engrain these patterns of thoughts and feelings into your nervous system, thereby creating a ‘plastic’, or permanent change.

So, what if I told you that all you had to do in order to lead a more fulfilling life was ask a handful of questions several times throughout the day — without attempting to answer them — and set a reminder to do so for six weeks? Would you do it?

Or will you choose temptation to block this simple advice, put your walls up, and refuse to surrender to the simplicity of life?

The choice, as always is yours.

In the beginning, I suspect you’ll be shocked by how stubbornly you resist taking this action. And as you observe yourself, notice that inaction is a wish to persist in a state of misery or unhappiness. Instead of asking yourself why you choose unhappiness, you may want to rephrase the question to be something like this:

Why do I choose happiness at every opportunity, every single time?

And then see if you want to ask the questions one more time. More than likely, your answer will be different, and you’ll happily ask yourself anything you need to in order to sustain bliss, relief, and love. First, you must achieve a state of mind to create change, and then change is easy.

Today’s thought exercise:

Why am I so lucky to have chosen to listen today? And how come it’s so easy to learn when I choose to receive?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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