Surviving vs Flourishing

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Surviving vs Flourishing

How Do You Prefer To Spend Your Existence?

I prefer to flourish.
Depending on your perspective, which often comes from your environment and life experience, you may be focused on ’surviving‘ instead of ’flourishing.‘ As with any goal, where you focus is where you‘ll go. Whether you hit a goal or not, it‘s important you know your end game, and you understand the implications of falling short.

If you focus on ‘surviving’ — as mentioned in just about every hip hop song on the market — you’ll be in a constant state of decay. The best possible outcome in this scenario — should you hit your goal — is surviving, not prospering. Give this some thought.

Aristotle once said: “Happiness depends on ourselves.”

He goes on to describe the state of flourishing that takes place when a person finds happiness, which leads to virtue, and they reach a state of more satisfied existence.

Imagine shooting for happiness, falling short, and ending up with something close. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Let’s think BIG, work backwards, and then decide where to focus. With this pattern of thought, every step we take will be closer to our ideal state. In our ideal state, health becomes easy, and we’ll love every second we spend here on Earth.

Here’s what I’d like you to do in the comments section below:

1. State what your ideal life consists of, in terms of the following areas of emphasis:
Familya.) Family
Educationb.) Education
Adventurec.) Adventure
Financesd.) Finances
Spiritualitye.) Spirituality
Healthf.) Health

It’s important to find happiness in all of these areas, as they will lead to a more balanced way of living when you know you’ve hit your target.

2. Rate where you are today, on a scale of ‘surviving’ vs ‘flourishing,’ where:

0 = surviving, or not quite


10 = flourishing, completely

and write the #1 thing you feel you can work on to move closer to flourishing.

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