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Today’s intention: Convert the ‘feeling of suffering’ to ‘spreading love and compassion’. In other words, whenever you sense/see/feel suffering, use this as a stimulus to send love and compassion.

  • Option #1: feel sad, depressed, overwhelmed, defeated.
  • Option #2: send perpetrated love. This will ease the moment, and can be very powerful.
  • Option #3: imagine yourself doing such a horrid act. What kind of state of mind might you be in? How miserable of an existence must this be? Hurting others… harming, killing, destroying lives, geez. So awful. With Option #3, we will find compassion for the perpetrator, send this person/people love directly in the form of compassion and completeness, and stop the bleeding at its source.

We all get to choose. I choose Option #3. And today I invite you to join me in sending love to everyone committing acts perceived as hate. I hope they feel more love today than they have ever felt before, beginning right now; and it’s my sincere desire they choose to follow the path of love once greeted with this feeling. Love, after all, is most powerful.

(and in case you’re wondering about the ‘victims’, I’ll be sure to send them some love too)

Today’s thought exercise:

Have you ever thought about ‘sending a feeling’ to someone — or a group of people — and if you are able to do this, what feelings might you send, to whom?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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