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Electricity. Wind. Rain. Sunshine.

Clouds become magnetically charged to one another, birds begin to stir, form their flocks, and fly away. Gusts of wind bounce off windowpanes, rain alternates from a pitter-patter to the sound of a faucet as bands of a storm tease us with what’s to come.

Yet, when it’s over, we know sunshine will prevail. And we recognize it was calm just before this storm began, and it will be calm again.

A couple of my greatest teachers have Native American origin. They’ve reminded me to seek answers to my life questions by looking around, using nature as an example, and learning from plants, animals, trees, and natural events.

Storm medicine: when you identify you’re over-excited, remember you were calm a moment ago, and you will be again soon. Now is not the time to go outside and socialize, act courageously, or try to escape; instead, it’s time to rely on the planning we’ve done to this point, the shelter that keeps us alive, and time. We are reminded how small we are, and how affected we are by every gust of wind, drop of rain, and bolt of lightning.

Nature teaches us through demonstration and attached meaning. We can watch a bird fly and think nothing of it; or we can learn a bird flies high, sees far, and watches over our daily lives with a more distant, observer perspective. We can see a snake shed it’s skin and be reminded that we also need time to ourselves or we will bite. And we can see a storm and be reminded life has ups and downs, but with time, it will all be ok and the sun will come back out.

Perhaps even more interesting is that we don’t have to wait for something to ‘happen’ in nature to get an answer to our questions. Rather, we can align ourselves (connect), create an intention (like spreading love, helping someone else, feeling happy, etc.) and then ask a question. So long as we’re willing to look around and give it a day or two, nature has a way of answering back.

Some people call this communication with God, others might call it universe, and many deny this relationship outright.

I challenge you to avoid being the third category, abandon disbelief, and give it a try. Here’s how it works for me, when I ask for answers:
  • Sometimes I might be wondering if I’m on the right track and ask for some guidance. Before I know it, a fish will jump 8 feet out of the water and do a cool flip in the air. Normally, this type of fish might leap out of the water, but only 6 inches or so… 8 feet is unique, special, and a sign if I’m willing to accept it.
  • Other times, I might be looking for an answer to an important question, like: how can I be more patient with the people I love most in this life? Instead of nature showing me an animal-based sign, for example, I might hear a clear voice just underneath my ear. It’s not the same as conscious internal dialogue, but rather feels it’s coming from somewhere else, either my subconscious or elsewhere. The answer is clear, and the volume tends to be low. The more often I practice, the louder the volume gets and the more I’ve learned to trust the answers.
  • Or, I might feel lost and ask nature which way to go, with a larger reference towards a life path. Then, I step outside and follow my intuition, wandering around a bit. Before I know it, I’m greeted by a street sign that says ‘Bali’. Strangely, this (actual) sign must have always been right around the corner from me, but I never noticed until I was struggling with the decision of whether or not to take a business trip there. Suddenly, it becomes clear: the sign says Bali. I’m going, and I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience.

I used to write all of these ‘signs’ off as a coincidence. Over the years, I’ve learned to pay closer attention and strengthen my relationship with intuition. Instead of telling it to quiet down every time it speaks up, I now assume the answer is right and look for proof in my environment. More often than not, I no longer need proof, as I’ve been shown enough times that my intuition has better answers than I do.

Today, I encourage you to pick your head up and look around. The next time you’re struggling with an emotion, idea, question, or life decision, get out of your conscious mind and into nature. Don’t be afraid to ask a question with a defined yes/no answer, look to nature for an answer, and pay attention as she shows you.

I’m so grateful for you,


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