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It’s time to reach deep inside, find the person who exists in the depths of your eyes, and acknowledge how wonderful you are.

Get to know yourself on a brand new level by dividing yourself into pieces:

Piece #1: Human you — this is the sack of skin you wear, the perfectly functioning process your body is able to utilize to sustain life, your conscious mind, and your daily reality.
Piece #2: Spirit/soul you — this is the essence of you. This is who you know yourself to be, much like your childhood friends recognize you. If you’ve ever felt ‘seen’ by someone, this is the part they saw. For the human side of you is bound to shift, adjust, and make compromises; meanwhile, your spirit/soul never will. It will guide you to be you, in spite of any decision you make, and no matter the level of hardship you must endure to learn your lessons and get back on track.

It was once explained to me our souls recognize our existence and honor it with freedom of choice, within limits. For example, you might realize you have everyday choices as to how you’ll spend your time, with whom, and what comes next.

On the other hand, you might recognize there are certain jobs, relationships, efforts, and skills you were built to have. You might recognize a ‘pull’ feeling that draws you towards something without further explanation. You might even notice you feel called to act, be, or change in a certain way.

Each of the above is an example of your soul recognizing an opportunity, attempting to override the power of your conscious mind, and guide you on your life path. Often times, when we don’t listen to our souls and our ‘human’ gets over-involved — complicating the decision — we feel lost, depressed, lonely, anxious, nervous, frustrated, or angry.

Today, I’m encouraging you to check in with yourself. Have you been listening to your soul? Do you recognize what you’re best at, why you’re here, and the little voice that whispers in your ear, shows you images of your future, or warns you in your gut? Do you understand the congruence of your heart to your actions? And are you able to validate your soul is guiding you by looking in the mirror and seeing bright light emanate from your eyes?

I believe in you. I believe in who you ‘really’ are, and I believe in unlimited possibility for your life. You are amazing, because you were born that way; and because the piece of you that is greater than you is perfect.

Today’s thought exercise:

When’s the last time you spent time getting to know your spirit? When’s the last time you had a conversation with your soul? And while we’re on it, might you consider inviting your spirit/soul into your every day, each and every morning?

Personally, I surrender. I choose my spirit to guide me in life, my soul to recognize what my spirit needs, and my ‘human’ to love me along the way.

I love you, and I’m incredibly grateful to share this message with you today. This is an important message — and lesson — in my life right now. Together, we learn and grow. So, each time I discover something incredibly important and implement it into my life (with proof) I choose to share it with you. It’s my hope you receive today’s heartfelt message with the grace I mean to present it.

Thank you.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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