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If we’re made up of cells — and each cell is unique to the next one — that means there must be space between. In other words, we’re not actually ‘solid’, even though we look at someone and they seem to be.

When we see each other, we recognize a particular shape or form — or a group of cells, energy, and light — and we call them ‘Mom’, ‘Dad’, or ‘Karen’, as an example. But, in reality, each person is simply a congregation of ‘space’ (i.e. light) and ‘cells’ (i.e. energy).

So, what’s the implication for health?

Well, if all we are is ‘light’ and ‘energy’, then light and energy must be the keys to shifting health. If someone has a wound, it makes sense that illuminating the area that needs healing, and sending it energy — either from within the body or from without — would be a sensible solution.

Well, we know thought leads to a feeling, and feeling leads to energy. If we feel lousy, we are low on energy; if we feel angry, others can feel it too. So, we have the ability to project energy to other people, animals, and plants. We also have the ability to change our thoughts, thereby changing how we feel, and thereby changing our own energetic state.

Effectively, this means we can influence our own health, just as much as we can influence someone else’s. If we know ‘how’ to feel, we can ‘send’ energy to someone else in exactly the way she needs it to heal.

Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s take this one step further. There is an area of physics called ‘Quantum Physics’ that is mysterious to most of us. Under the laws of quantum physics, we know that any atom, once bound to another atom, becomes ‘entangled’. Entangled atoms affect one another at opposite poles of Earth once bound, and this is a permanent relationship. And we know that atoms bind to one another without physical contact.

Einstein called this ‘spooky’, because it seems odd you and I can affect each other after meeting once, even though we are now living on opposite sides of the world. Yet, this relationship has been proven. In fact, it’s even true if we sent one of your atoms to the moon that was entangled to mine. So, space and distance have no bearing on entangled atoms.

Basically, no matter how far apart we are — once we have interacted — we have an effect on one another. If I feel sad, it changes how you feel; if you feel happy, it changes how I feel. We are energetically bound because of the permanent relationship we have.

So, how can we tie this all together?

I’m still learning, but the essence is controlling thoughts and feelings to influence someone else’s health — as well as our own — once our atoms are bound. And when we all learn how to do this, we can keep each other healthy in ways that modern medicine has never imagined.

It’s strange to think, but are our thoughts and feelings the answer to world health?

I suppose it still matters what food we put into our mouths, whether or not we are active, our social dynamics and relationships, etc., but in the end each of those factors are affected by our thoughts and feelings. So, if we are to maintain positivity, love, compassion, and gratitude for our lives and bodies, it’s likely we’ll choose foods that are an energetic match for our bodies, exercises that move the right cells, the right way, and relationships that help us sustain our health.

Today’s thought exercise:
Every time you see someone who is sad, angry or frustrated this week, do you think it might be interesting to project happiness, love, and compassion in her direction?

I dare you to try this. No, I double dog dare you 😉

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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