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Your skin perceives your environment and is a conduit for energy exchange.

Interestingly, ‘skin’ and the ‘Central Nervous System (CNS)’ are developed during the same stage of embryological (womb) development (ectodermal phase); the implied suggestion is they are one and the same. Perhaps your ‘skin’ is actually part of your CNS, meaning it’s part of what governs your life, all actions inside your body, and the electrical communication between the outside world and you.

The other day I was in a supermarket in Mexico, and I walked by some advertising screens on a television about twice the size of me. I was within inches, and it reminded me of the same feeling I get when walking through Times Square in Manhattan, New York. It’s as if my body is buzzing, or as if my electrical field has mixed with the television’s. I couldn’t help but think about how this must be happening in a more subtle way every time I speak on the phone, write you on my computer, or take a walk down a busy city street.

Electromagnetism — and it’s effects on the human body — is a fascinating topic to discuss. Our skin acts as a semipermeable membrane to our environment, allowing us to absorb minerals, vitamins, medication, water, oxygen, and other nutrients. Similarly, our skin absorbs toxins, electricity, and other forms of electromagnetic field. Anything skin is able to absorb, it can also transmit.

And since the main job of ‘skin’ is to perceive your environment, the distinction between what’s happening inside your body — on a health/biological/physiological basis — and what is happening on the outside of your body is the integrity of your skin. If your skin perceives a threat — like heat, cold, too much electricity, etc. — your CNS will communicate to quickly move away and eliminate the threat. I suppose the real question is: since communication is always two-way in the human body, what is your skin saying to your environment and how does that change your environment?

Well, what ‘do’ you believe you are communicating to your environment on a second-to-second basis? Are you communicating fear, hesitation, pain, dis-ease, etc? Or are you communicating love, compassion, fluidity of movement and thought, and appreciation for all sensory information available to you?

And if your skin’s job is ‘perception’ and it’s arguably linked to — or part of — your CNS, then might your brain and spinal cord (the rest of your CNS) be affected by perception, as well? According to the Biology of Belief lecture, absolutely. In fact, Bruce Lipton — genius scientist who’s been at the cutting-edge of epigenetics for 30+ years — believes perception is the switch that allows a gene to either be expressed or not.

Today’s thought exercise:
Since you now know ‘perception’ is the key to health, you get to choose how to perceive the world around you, and you get to choose your physical environment, what will you do differently? In other words, what will you change about your thought processes, what will you do when you feel upset to bias your good genes rather than your less desirable ones linked to disease, and how will you change your physical environment to be more friendly to your skin?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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