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Take a deep breath, center yourself, tune into your insides, listen to what’s ‘outside’ of you — but also in constant communication with you — and brighten your light. Shine.

Not just right now, and not only through the peep hole in your heart or eyes, but shine. Emanate from every direction. Radiate light, warmth, love, and gratitude for your life with each gesture, word, feeling, and movement.

Get ready to close your eyes. The instructions are simple:

when you close your eyes, you’re going to keep them closed for 30 seconds. In your first 10 seconds, it’ll be all black. Then, you’ll notice there’s a bit of light seeping through. Imagine a silhouette of your body in the background. Where is the light, anatomically speaking? Wherever it is, ‘go into it’ with your imagination, and brighten it. Make it shine through this entire region of your body for the next 10 seconds. In your final 10 seconds, step outside of your body, looking back at it, and watch your light take over. It’s going to spread like wildfire, shining through every part of your body, from each layer of your skin, like beams of light through your eyes, and even from the back of your head, back, buttocks, and legs.

When you open your eyes, you will be brighter, and everyone will notice. Now, go on with your day.

Today’s thought exercise:
if it only takes you 30 seconds to shine with anything you do or any interaction you have, then is self-discipline the only thing in the way of a constant state of love and happiness?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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