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Share your heart, not an object.

If you desire to give, consider offering intimacy, shared meaning, and shared experience. Allow others into your world, and take time to feel their worlds, share an experience, and elevate their existence. As a first step, you might want to change the way you walk, so your most positive emotions will contagiously seep from every pore, helping others feel what you get to feel.

There are three (main) choices when you walk:

  • Head first: rounded shoulders/posture, head leading every step.
  • Heart first: chest big and out, shoulders down and back, heart guiding each step.
  • Pelvis first: slight arch in low back, lean to step, ready to hump at a moment’s notice 🙂

Of course, the choice is always yours. In the first example, you may notice a sore neck, achy shoulders, or maybe even a spot that seems stuck in your ribs or mid-back.

When you choose pelvis first, you may be guided by your reproductive organs rather than your head — leading towards some thought/focus bias — and you may counter-balance some of the effects of the forward head day from yesterday. However, if you spend too much time walking pelvis first, your midsection will be strong, but your back will eventually become sore and motivation will be difficult.

Naturally, we’re left with ‘heart first’ as a logical choice. When you walk heart first, posture naturally aligns, the visual cue of heart-first serves as a focal point for correcting gait and aligning joints, and you are more likely to emotionally open your heart towards others. Physically speaking, by opening your chest wall, you are ‘allowing’ more emotion from/to you.*

*NOTE: As a word of caution, when you begin walking heart first, you may notice you’re being influenced by others’ emotions. Simply re-establish your heart first posture whenever you feel adversely affected (you’ll notice you probably started to cave in, round your shoulders, and slouch), and positive emotions will win the day, thereby overcoming any negative mojo in your environment.

Share love.

It begins with how you walk. Share love because it’s the best feeling. Remember, viral love only works if you let it.

Today’s thought exercise:
The next time you are considering sharing something with someone you love, take a moment’s pause; is there a way to share love instead, or in addition?

Consciously love those around you. Make the effort, commit the focus, and recognize focused love is simultaneously a distraction from acts of un-love. If you’re feeling off, get up, take a walk, and lead with your heart. It’s oh-so-simple.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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