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What does it mean to be ‘sensitive’ and is it ok for a man? Or is it only ok for a woman to be sensitive?

Let’s discuss…

First of all, does sensitivity imply a lack of manhood, toughness, or ability to get through a difficult situation? Or is it simply an ability to experience the full spectrum of emotions and feelings?

Secondly, does sensitivity have more to do with the way we’re built, rather than gender or manhood? For example, some people are naturally aware of their surroundings, opinions of others, or the ‘feeling’ behind someone’s words, rather than the words themselves. In fact, this represents about 2/3rds of all people, so I suppose most of us are ‘sensitive’ in one way or another.

Third, can we think of an example of an animal in nature that is undoubtedly tough and able to handle harsh circumstances, but also sensitive?

Personally, I think of elephants. I once had the opportunity to spend a day with an elephant in Thailand. Now, this wasn’t your everyday tourist attraction with elephant rides, confined living spaces, and unhealthy practices; instead, it was an elephant oasis designed to repopulate elephants. Each night, the elephants took off on their own and returned to the jungle to hang as a family; each morning, they walked back to camp to hang with ‘their humans’ for the day, while they were bathed, well fed, and played with. The elephants choose to return, every single day.

I still remember Ma-Mai — ‘my’ elephant for the day (seemed I was at least as much ‘her’ human) — lifting me onto her back with her trunk. She scooped me right up, gently placed me down, and I rubbed her back ever-so-gently. She looked up at me, gazed, and a tear shed from her eye. She was in love, and so was I. What a lovely and amazing animal!

Nature can teach us so much. If an elephant is built to be tough, capable, and strong, but also sensitive, what can we learn from this highly intelligent animal? And does size, strength, or gender have anything to do with us being able to get in touch with how we feel, think, or what we believe to be true in life?

Yet, on the other side, we are watching the human race move towards hormonal extinction. The feminization of man and the masculinization of women will inevitably meet in the middle as infertility should the trend continue.

So, what ‘is’ the balance?

Are men allowed to feel, but still need to take on a ‘man’s role’ in a household — lifting heavy objects, moving things, and throwing kids up in the air — in order to be healthy? And are men being caught behind a desk instead, exposed to the wrong foods, and being force-fed in a way that disrupts their normal hormonal balance?

Are women allowed to continue to feel in the workplace — as much as they are given permission at home — without being devalued for feeling overly emotional and non-productive? Will we learn a woman’s sensitivity can be her guide for making decisions that align, are in the best interest of all parties involved, and help as many people as possible?

Or will we continue to push women to toughen up and perform as men, as we physically — and emotionally — weaken our men and make them transform into women?

Today’s thought exercise:

If we are to redefine ‘man’, might we consider the softer side, the full spectrum of emotion for both genders, and valuing all of that which comes natural to us? After all, if a baby is meant to feel, laugh, cry, and get excited, why would an adult be any different? If a baby likes to be caressed, why would a man or woman feel any differently as they age? And if a gentle smile and hug ease a child’s mind, why would an adult not benefit from the same?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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