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What if there ‘is’ a God, and you’re it?

That would be kind of like looking for sunglasses when they’re on top of your head. Or like reaching into your pocket to grab your phone and check the time, when you’re wearing a watch on the very same hand.

For a moment, let’s pretend you were God and your body were an opportunity to experience. How much would you love yourself? How would you treat your body? Would your perspective on what’s possible change?

While you’re pretending, let’s take a closer look at some of the changes you may consider.

For example, you might:
  • use your ‘body suit’ to enjoy this world to the best of your ability
  • get over fears and begin trusting/having faith in it all working out
  • no longer feel shame or guilt, because you’d have the capacity to know what’s coming, why things happen, and how it all fits together
  • believe in the power of your imagination, and how there is no distinction between ‘imagination’ and so-called ‘reality’
  • call people into your life with whom you wish to share your experience, based upon the amount of love, joy, laughter, etc. you get to experience
  • appreciate every moment and every feeling as a unique experience
  • choose to live the longest life you possibly can, with the highest possible quality of life
  • treat others around you as well as you treat yourself, because you’d realize they were simply another slice of you
  • make love the foundation of your life and bliss the experience
  • no longer stress, because you’d realize it is a method of self-destruction, which would work against the whole point of life
  • heal others when they are in pain or could use your help, simply by thinking about — and intending upon — them feeling better
  • spend time answering others’ prayers through acts of love
  • establish a higher perspective on each life issue, looking from an eagle eye’s perspective and understanding how each event leads to another; even discomfort yields expansion, so it’s sometimes desired
  • remove the pressure surrounding death and dying and understand that’s part of your chosen experience

Hmm… maybe ‘pretending’ you’re God isn’t such a bad idea? Maybe it’s not a delusion of grandeur, but rather a treasure map to a rich life?

Today’s thought exercise:

If you had the ability to answer the world’s prayers today, what do you believe this world — as a whole — is actually requesting? And how would you change your thoughts, actions, and behaviors to correct the message/request on your side?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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