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Do you think ‘responsibility’ sucks as much as I do?

Assuming you do, let’s get rid of it; all of it. Let’s pretend for the next few minutes you don’t have a single responsibility in the world. What would you do? How would you live? What would be different?

For example, you might think about your:
One-day thinking of losing weight, getting in shape, or starting to eat right could actually happen. All because you hit the reset switch on life and decided what ‘society’ thinks is important isn’t important to you. You decided you have the freedom to make your own decisions.
Instead of feeling stuck, you will feel stoked. You’ll be making a conscious decision to be in your relationship (or not), and you’ll be free from any guilt or responsibility attached. Can you imagine how great it’ll feel to actively choose your partner every single day? Or how refreshing it will be to take a break for a day or two, get some space, and heal? Once you understand your natural tendencies, you’ll create a new set of agreements for your relationships.
If there were a ‘Life Satisfaction Meter’ how full is yours? Are you happy? Without any responsibility holding you down, what’s stopping you from being happy? This can really help put things into perspective, understand if there’s a real cause for your unhappiness, or if you’ve been too busy to consider how you feel. And because you’re giving yourself the freedom to feel, you can now be happy and fulfilled by how you spend your days.
Not everything is ‘physical’. So, if we defined the ‘non-physical’ as ‘spiritual’, then we’d have a basis for a conversation. Why can we feel each other? Do you enjoy staring at stars as much as I do? Can we really ‘think’ and ‘feel’ something real? Why or why not?
In the absence of constant responsibility comes creativity, freedom, and the ability to use your imagination. As you relax into yourself, freedoms begin to expand well beyond your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Soon, you realize your mind has relaxed, you have time to chill, and the next thoughts that come are playful. You remember a time period that was like this, when your mind wandered, and you wonder how it has been so long; strangely, you wonder why it only took a few minutes of pretending you didn’t have any responsibilities to allow child-like curiosity to return…

Do you realize you have the ability to make the decision to abandon most — if not all — of your responsibilities at any moment in time? Sure, there are consequences of any action, but they are often perceived to be far greater than true.

If we are careful, we are strategic, and we negotiate our way into the lives we desire, it’s my belief others support our actions and behaviors. The key is to avoid purposely abandoning, taking advantage or hurting someone. So long as you handle the departure from your current life with grace and love, you’ll be supported.

Today’s thought exercise:
Do you love yourself enough to consider mental health important? If so, does it make sense to take ‘mental vacations’ from time to time each day, to let it all go and reset with a new perspective? And after you take these breaks, will you consider your new perspective before making important life decisions?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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