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Have you ever seen a mountain reflect upon a lake, when the water is still enough and the sun hits it just right?

There’s a certain beauty in the reflection that seems even more beautiful than looking at the mountain — or lake — directly.

Similarly, our lives become even more spectacular when we take time to reflect upon our existence and how we choose to spend it; along the same lines, memories of those we lose seem even more lovely than when they were in our lives.

You see, reflection is an opportunity to redirect your sight, life vision, and chosen path. By first stepping back, observing, and then taking time to reflect, you have the opportunity to take your normal life — i.e. the mountain or lake — and make it even more beautiful than it is right now.

Reflection gives perspective, but the concept of ‘reflection’ is often misconstrued. Most people spend time reflecting upon past mistakes, judging whether they’ve lived their lives as they had hoped, and sometimes beating themselves up. Instead, I suggest you use reflection to evaluate ‘right now’. This moment is the only one you can change, so it’s the only one worth your attention.

Rather than spending time reflecting upon past mistakes, I suggest you spend time reflecting upon how you feel right now — at this moment in time — and what changes you might be able to make to feel even better and live your best life. When you choose to revisit your past, it’s wise to consider memories that don’t feel so good, how you might be able to shift your perspective on them, and change the ‘feeling’ linked to the memory; this way, the same feeling doesn’t chase you forward in life.

Reflection is kind of like time travel, in that:
  • Thinking about your past is like an emotional assessment of your life. And by changing how you feel about a past memory, you can change your future.
  • Stopping to reflect during present tense feels like stopping time; it’s almost as if you can hit ‘time-out’ and choose how you want to live, how you want to feel, and how you want to act, beginning immediately.
  • Fantasizing about your future is typically based upon evaluating your past and present moments, then choosing a similar or different outcome, and pursuing it. Except, in this scenario, you can imagine the future, consider how it will look/feel, and then shift your ideas/intentions, ultimately shifting your future reality.
Today’s thought exercise:
Do you see the reciprocal image of life is even more beautiful when you take time to reflect and see it from another angle? And are you taking time to appreciate your life?

Reflection offers perspective, helps you reset when you need to, and allows you to redirect efforts according to your life wishes.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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