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If the following words mean anything to you: I’m ready.

I’m ready to break through the illusion of limited potential and reach my capacity. I’m ready to love at a brand new level. I’m ready to honor every person, place, and thing. I’m ready to serve, to the greatest extent I’m capable.

Sure, I’ve made what I’ve perceived to be a number of mistakes in my lifetime. In fact, I’ve hurt just about everyone I love in some way, shape, or form. I’ve been nasty out of impatience, hurtful out of un-love, and distant out of a self-protective pattern based out of fear.

Yet, today, I come to you ready. I come to you with an understanding that this is all part of my journey, it doesn’t take away the ‘true’ me, and there’s nothing you – or I – can do to ever change the core essence of who I am: I am warm-hearted, loving, charismatic, enthusiastic, driven, fun, loyal, magical, and very thoughtful in nature.

This is me. When I shed all of me that no longer belongs – or that which no longer serves me – what I am left with is my core essence. And the essence of me is all I choose to carry forward as I scale the impact of my life.

In order to ‘shed’ layers that no longer belong, it’s first important I identify and recognize them. Here goes:
  • Greater than/less than mentality/beliefs
  • Impatience, when it does not serve me/the highest good
  • Self-judgment, when it does not serve me/the highest good (including regret from past self-judgment)
  • Subconscious triggers that no longer serve me/the highest good
  • Skepticism surrounding who I am and what I’m here to do, or anything related to divine skepticism, for that matter (I tend to underestimate the value of my life and purpose, often times feeling bashful to fully apply myself or clearly communicate how supported I believe we all are)

From this day forward, I vow to accentuate the man I have described as my essence. I vow to be even more focused on being warm-hearted, loving, charismatic, enthusiastic, driven, fun, loyal, magical, and thoughtful in nature.

Today, I make a choice to embrace ‘Me’, or the highest version of me. And in doing so, I recognize I will be tested. I will be given opportunity after opportunity in the near-term to prove my decision to the Universe. And I say to you here and now, I am ready.

It has taken me 36 years, A LOT of pain, a ton of thought, reflection, self-questioning, networking, and belief shifting to reach this point. I’ve seen others do it in a week, with a bit of abandoned disbelief, a moment in their lives that mattered in a huge way, and a supportive team to facilitate change. I regularly work with others who still haven’t made the commitment and may never fully commit.

Each of us gets a choice. Each of us gets to decide what we become in this lifetime; yet none of us decides ‘who’ we are. Our choice, very simply put, is to ‘be’ ourselves or not.

And when we embrace who we are – the most genuine part of us – we are running an experiment with the world in which we live. It’s like asking for a final test knowing that the test you’re about to be given will be challenging, require that you review past mistakes and learn how to improve for the future, and force you to recognize where you could have spent more time focused – or studying – for better results.

Yet, in the game of life, there is no ‘failing’, so much as an opportunity to be tested over and over again. Once you no longer have layers to shed, they will no longer be tested; they will, instead, have been shed.

So, I ask of you today: are you interested in stepping fully into yourself?

Today’s thought exercise:

If you’re ready to become who you truly are, what aspects of your ‘self’ will you leave behind, and which attributes of your ‘Self’ will you choose to accentuate, moving forward?

Be thoughtful getting to know the essence of you. And once you know ‘You’, remember everything else is simply a facade; a circumstantial adaptation to serve you for a period of time.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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