Radical Healing

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Radical Healing.
What if you could close your eyes, allow, and be healed — completely and forever?

We’re talking about all your pains, aches, heartache, digestive issues, fear, anger, rage, resentment, guilt/shame, feelings of rejection, loss, and not enough; all at once, and gone forever. How would that feel? Are you able to pretend you know what it might feel like? And when you do, are you able to pretend it’s real life and has already occurred?

How do you feel now?

For radical healing to take place, a handful of factors must be in place:

  • Permission — before we begin, you must have permission to help yourself or someone else. Allow by letting guard down.
  • Belief — first, you must believe in your ability to heal and be healed.
  • Love — secondly, your heart must be wide open, full of love, projecting and able to receive.
  • Altruism — third, any request made for radical healing must actually be for reasons outside of benefiting yourself, alone. It has to be about someone else and/or something bigger than us, or it won’t have the same effect.
  • Clarity — fourth, you must be void of mental and emotional blockades from experience. If you’re caught in your head, sad in your heart, angry inside your gut, or resentful in your other organs, you are blocking yourself from the ability to receive. You must be able to receive in order to experience healing or to send healing effectively.
  • Connection — last but most importantly, you must act as a hollow bone. This means — both as the ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ you are simply allowing flow to take place, through you. Whatever comes through you is meant to, and no story or explanation is required or worthwhile. Completely allowing divine energy to flow through you — in a circular fashion that comes directly or indirectly back to you — is paramount.

Once you have internalized and mastered all radical healing factors listed above you are adequately prepared to experience what may feel like a miracle; but perhaps ‘miracles’ are only miraculous until they are commonplace. You see, everyday life for some people would be considered a miracle in my life, or vice versa.

Life — and miracles of life — are a matter of perspective. When you perceive the world to be unlimited, your life to be unlimited — and everything else to be part of you — you will experience a state of constant miracles. Some people call this ‘enlightenment’ I suppose, but I like to call it ‘life.’

We are oh-so-lucky to be alive. Don’t ya think?

Today’s thought exercise:

What if everything you’ve ever wanted — at a core level — were instantly available for you and all you had to do was follow the steps above, then ask?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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