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Ask yourself: why am I so lucky to be here right now?

Or you might ask yourself: what kind of magic and miracles will occur in my life today?

Or: how did I get ‘this’ lucky, that I have an answer for every one of my questions — or concerns — simply by asking and listening for guidance?

You see, no matter what you ask, there’s an answer for you. Instead of trying to solve everything inside your own head, consider the possibility all solutions exist ‘outside’ of you. You may want to consider ‘air’ to be like the ‘internet’, but without the need for google, social media, or any other fancy way of sifting through information until you find out which resource is best.

The next time you’re uncertain which path to take in life, which direction to focus your efforts, or if your plan is divinely supported, my suggestion is simple : look up, connect with an element of nature (light, wind, water, or Earth) and ask. When you hear the answer, see the symbolic representation of a response, or feel something that answers your question, realize you are being divinely guided.

My advice: do not miss the signs, deny the validity of divine guidance, or persist in a state of disbelief.

Affirmations are great. But already assuming your life is great and asking why you’re so lucky to have the life you do, or how you can best utilize it, well that’s next level. And I have Linda Anderson to thank for this simple adjustment to my morning routine. Linda helped me realize we are vibrating — at a cellular and soul level — with whichever are our requests. Questions lead to curiosity, and curiosity is a powerful vibration. When we choose to ask questions based upon appreciation, we are creating a scenario through which we are able to receive an outward response. The Universe, or God, responds when we ask a question. And it’s far easier to believe in the otherwise-impossible when we formulate a thought into a question, rather than a monotonous affirmation that mismatches feeling and tonality.

Today’s thought exercise:

what are the top 3 things you’d love to manifest in your life? Now, how can you adjust your language and thoughts to express them as questions based upon gratitude and fulfillment, instead of lack of abundance and success?

Re-frame your life by re-framing your questions. Ask better questions to get better answers. Love yourself deliberately, actively, and on an ongoing basis by being strategic with the world you create for yourself. Assume, until proven incorrect, that you are God, as are all of us, which means you get to create your reality, and the world is your canvas.

Why is life so simple that all I have to do ask for: anything I need, guidance for any request, and the ability to enjoy my life to the fullest degree?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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