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What if you’re alive for a specific purpose and you’re not living it?

Maybe you get confused based upon what society wants you to do, climbing the career ladder, and taking care of home responsibilities. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities at home and work, or you don’t feel you have enough time to even think about questions like this. Or perhaps you don’t love the idea of ‘purpose’, because it feels like a loss of independent decision making.

But, let’s take a step back and re-assess:
  • “Society” — i.e. the workplace, grocery store, businesses you may interact with on a daily basis, etc. — was designed by a very specific group of people; people who have a natural talent for leadership, being the boss, and “conquering” their days. That simply may not be you and your natural talents, and that’s a great thing. This means you’re more likely to be an excellent lover, supporter, friend, athlete, or protector.
  • If you’re here for a purpose and you begin living in alignment with your natural abilities, talents, gifts, and desires, wouldn’t life become easier and more fun anyway?
  • Just because you have a purpose, do you really think this means you lose all control? Sure, you might be better off playing a game you’re good at, learning information that’s in alignment with your skill sets, or loving everyone around you. But, that doesn’t mean you’re dysfunctional in other capacities. It simply means you’re best at what you’re best at, and maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe you’re more able to help yourself, your family, and others by being you, within the boundaries of your capabilities.
  • Do you actually want to be someone you’re not? You’re perfect just the way you are; you were designed out of perfection and love, and so you are. The more you are ‘you’, the more you’ll love yourself, stop denying yourself from happiness and self-love, and the more you’ll enjoy every moment you spend on Earth.

Each of us is different. And that’s awesome. Many of us have talents and abilities similar to one another, based upon our natural genetic make-up, size, structure, and tendencies towards brain/mind function. Living your purpose might simply mean being you, and embracing all you are. You’re wonderful, so there’s no need to pretend, or try to be someone else.

So, today, I’m encouraging you to think about the following:
  • Who are you naturally?
  • What are you great at that might not be as easy or natural for someone else you know? (i.e. being loving, having fun in a light-hearted way, moving your body, negotiating, doing more with your body, understanding people and their opinions on a ‘gut’ level, or being spiritually connected)
  • Assuming the world needs more of you, what can you do a bit differently to capitalize off your strengths and stop working on weaknesses that will always be easier for someone else?
  • Is unique ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘neither’? (Personally, I like being unique, but I place no judgment on it; it just ‘is’.)
  • If money isn’t the most important — and easiest — thing for you, does it make sense to try and become the next Richard Branson, Oprah, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet? What is it ‘you’ get to do they can’t? Maybe they have what they have in order to empower more people like you, because that’s not within the scope of their natural abilities.

Please don’t get caught up in someone else’s goals for their lives and think they are yours, too. Even your parents are different than you, which means what they wanted you to be isn’t right for you. You have an internal life compass — or GPS — that will guide you better than anyone else has been able to or ever will be able to.

Make sure you check in with yourself on a regular basis, observe ‘who’ you are, and how you can help the world without having to pretend or be someone else. Your unique contribution is needed, loved, and appreciated. It may take time for others to recognize, but when they begin behaving like themselves, they will.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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