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At your core, what/who are you?

What are you here for? And what is important/meaningful to you?

Before you answer any of these questions, it’s important we discuss ‘who’ you are.

In my previous definition of how the world works, each of us is ‘one’, and collectively we are ‘many’. By thinking, feeling, and existing as if our dreams are already reality, they quickly become accurate.

Now, I have a different understanding about the world in which we live; you see, ‘each’ of us is two, not one; and the second part of us is one with everything/everyone else.

This has profound implications whether you agree or disagree. For starters, if you disagree, you may very well be living in a facade that masks itself as ‘reality’, keeping your conscious mind distracted with day-to-day activities, while your spirit is truly navigating and leading the way. If you agree, you may accept what I’ve just proposed, get in touch with ‘spirit you’ and then step back and ask yourself what your connection to everyone else might be. If you get the same answer I did, we’re all the same exact thing in different casings.

So, if ‘spirit you’ is in charge, then the pure essence of you is spirit, which is the pure essence of me; in other words, you and I have the same spiritual priorities, are up to the same thing, and we’re simply going about it differently. You might think of this kind of like one hand typing while your other could be sipping on a cup of tea.

And if we are ‘one’, divided into 7.5 billion human pieces + all the plant pieces, tree pieces, etc., then it might make sense to start taking care of one another. It might make sense to work together, to protect all lifeforms, and to accept disease can spread from one person to the next, whether it’s in their minds or bodies. Perhaps it makes the most sense to think about timed communications, where each of us unites to our spirit selves, communicates an intention — or asks a question — and listens for a response. In a world intended for progress, we have the ability to learn how to leverage technology to create pulsed moments of intention, understanding, and compassion throughout our planet, thereby affecting everyone and everything all at once.

In fact, it won’t take all of us. If 75% of your biceps has started to contract, the rest is about to fire; similarly, when a large enough percent of us unite to communicate with spirit at the same time, we’ll reach a threshold for unity.

Today’s thought exercise:

Who are you, in your purest form? And are you so different than anyone else? Or is it simply ‘part 1’ of the other people that is different (i.e. their conscious minds)?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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