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Do you ever feel ‘stuck’, like there’s no good choice and there’s nothing you can do? This feeling sucks.

I’d like you to please key in on a few words from the above paragraph:

Feel — this means it’s emotional, which suggests it’s not a great strategy to attach any thought process to the current situation; instead, feel.
Stuck — unless you are physically tied up, this is again emotional. Your efforts may be better spent observing the feeling and letting it process it’s way out.
No good choice — choice is the key word here, for if you didn’t have a choice and the current circumstance were to drastically affect your life, you would feel powerless and be the victim. Being given the choice is the distinction between freedom and creating your reality vs powerlessness. And, good is a relative term, which means it’s better than something and probably not as good as something else. So, if you’re choosing between two options, decide which one feels ‘good’ compared to the other. (meaning, even a tad better)
Nothing you can do — this is a victim mentality (see above). If life is chosen for you — meaning you have no say — then how come you have so much proof in life you create your own reality? If you choose to believe there is nothing you can do — and you are somehow being held down — then that is your truth and it will also become your reality. As an experiment, you may want to ask this question daily and see how your reality shifts: why am I so lucky to be able to choose my life every day and have it become my reality?
This feeling sucks — again, this is feeling. And by saying ‘it sucks’ I have attached a thought process to a feeling, which is ill-advised. Instead, you would be better off acknowledging the discomfort of the feeling, identifying what is, and allowing it to come through you until released.

When we put it all together, we have a question and a statement full of emotion, victim mentality, and powerlessness. Ultimately, these three combine into an uncomfortable feeling that is likely to perpetuate until we shift perspective.

Consider stepping back when you find yourself making emotional statements or feeling unhappy, and decide how long you want to keep this feeling. Decide how complicated you want your life to seem right now. If you allow thoughts — and stories — to attach to feelings, you’re bound to self-complicate; if you allow feelings to surface and exist for what they are, you free yourself from the emotion.

Please know: you get the choice.

Today’s thought exercise:

Next time you’re feeling unhappy or upset, what choice will you make? Will you perpetuate the problem or circumstance, ultimately causing it to repeat in your life, or will you step back and take the time to feel what’s uncomfortable until it’s gone?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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