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Let’s talk about the marriage of ‘faith’ and ‘intention’, where:
  • Faith is defined by blind trust in that which is greater than you; and that life has a plan for you. Faith can often be combined with the concept of ‘flow’, because when flowing with the Universe, you are allowing all of life’s experiences to happen without judgement or concern.
  • Intention is defined by a specific desire and conscious decision to realize said desire. Setting an intention is like saying a prayer, in that you are wishing for something to happen, or more accurately, you are anticipating it will.

So, how do you put these two concepts together?

First, please understand resistance leads to more resistance, so choose to believe and have faith and life will get easier. Understand you have a say, within boundaries, of what your life will look like, what you’re able to accomplish, your financial prosperity, your health, your relationships, career, etc. And the more you feel as if each of these goals has already been realized, the more likely each is to occur.

This is where setting an intention comes into play. By consciously focusing on getting a raise at work, rather than losing your job, you are setting yourself up for success. However, choosing a job with a lower salary — that feels right and like you’re doing something more productive with your life — is having faith that living a more satisfying life is the best road and it all works out.

In order to marry ‘intention’ and ‘faith’ I suggest the following:
  • Set an intention — this will guide your life in the direction you want to go, and will undoubtedly create lots of happiness.
  • Have faith — once you’ve set an intention, it’s time to believe. It’s time to believe your intention will be realized and your goal will be accomplished; and, if it’s ‘not’ for some reason, it’s important to have faith the reasons were beyond your current perspective or understanding.

One idea that might help is when it’s time to have faith, take down a note. Let your ‘future’ self know you’ve decided to take a leap of faith, and you’re curious how it will work out. You’ve left this note for yourself so you can remember to look back and understand if your gut instinct was right. Over time, the hope is to improve precision with your intuition, so it will act as a GPS for life.

Your GPS for life will become the guide, and you’ll become the passenger on board for the experience. Your gut will begin to lead your intentions, and your intentions will begin to be realized; all because you’ll be in a connected state, where thoughts and intuition both get factored into a decision.

Think of your ‘thoughts’ as your capability of processing information in the absence of intuition. Whenever intuition chimes in, consider it a reset for your thought process, so your capable brain can help again, but in a different direction.

By listening to your gut, setting an intention, and trusting your decision, you will be exercising both ‘faith’ and ‘intention’ in your life. You’ll find a balance between the two that serves you and is always there for you.

Today’s thought exercise:

What if every time you made a decision, you also checked in with yourself to see how it feels? Would you make decisions differently? Would this have saved you any trouble or unnecessary challenges recently?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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