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Perhaps your soul is driving the car and you — in human form — are only the car.

Sure, a car can act up, have mechanical problems, oil leaks, or even do something crazy on it’s own from time-to-time when we switch it to cruise control or if the computer gets funky. But, when properly maintained, cared for, and driven, a car can take you pretty much anywhere you go, allowing you to see dynamic scenery, experience in ways you couldn’t without a vessel, and even listen to the radio while you dance/sing from time to time.

A great car can make you feel proud of yourself, for your accomplishment, and for the fun it brings to your life. An awesome car can go fast, but most importantly keeps you safe. A desirable car maintains its value, is super comfortable to spend time in, and seems to love you as much as you love it.

And on the other side, a great “driver” knows how fast to go, when to rest, how long to warm up the engine before a major haul, how much weight to carry safely, when to slow down before taking a turn, and when to accelerate into a change of direction. A great driver stops the car from getting into accidents, navigates the GPS and decides where the car will go, and ultimately is in charge of whether the car off-roads, attempts to fly, or is utilized for its intended design and use.

So, let’s come back to ‘soul’ and ‘human’.

If we are to subscribe to this analogy, then your soul is the one making decisions, and when you attempt to over-ride any decision making you are putting yourself at risk of an accident. Your soul understands the journey ahead, rather than the gravel and potholes that lie beneath your car. Your soul hopes to keep your body and mind in great condition for as long as possible. Your soul wishes to optimize your performance over time, and your soul is delighted with all of your new features, how comfortable you feel when taking a ride, and how you’re able to take any road you want, at any time, without boundaries or limitations.

Today’s thought exercise:

What if you weren’t ‘one’, but you were ‘two’? And what if ‘part two’ of you were actually ‘one’ with ‘part two’ of everyone and everything else? In other words, what if your body/mind were unique to your soul, meaning taking care of yourself involved observing yourself in human and soul form? Plus, if your soul exists as it’s own entity, might it be linked to other souls? If so, what does this mean about your relationship to other people, plants, animals, and trees on a soul level? Are we really just one driver with a whole bunch of cars?

Imagine for a second the world works differently than you have perceived; liberate your mind by acknowledging your soul.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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