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Who are you, deep down inside?

What if the person ‘inside’ you was 100x bigger than you? What if the deepest, most beautiful and true aspects of yourself were in constant competition with your conscious mind, deciding between lessons you learned in proper etiquette vs how you ‘really’ feel?

I don’t know about you, but if I want to describe ‘who’ I am to someone, it’s almost as if I have to ask a question first: do you mean who am I, like in society, or who am I, as a person?

Because the answers may sound radically different:
  • Society Kareem: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kinesiologist, writer, entrepreneur, father, husband, brother, son.
  • Kareem, as a person: love, honor, service, above all else. These three words comprise the ‘pact’ I have with myself, and they are how I make decisions; decisions are made inside my heart and I use my head for assistance.

You see, depending upon who you wanted to meet a couple years ago, meaning professional vs ‘life’ Kareem, you would have found different people.

Yet, with each day that passes I am giving less and less opportunity to this duality. With each action I take, I am merging the two worlds. The model for business and family engrained into many of our hearts and minds is not the only way. There is a way to love how you know best, there is a way to live your dreams, and there is a way to accept and forgive yourself as readily as you would anyone else you love.

Today’s thought exercise:

If you moved today, and you no longer knew anyone and no one knew you, how would you answer this question: who are you, what are you into, not into, and what gets you excited?

As an added food-for-thought, what if someone asked you this question, too: what makes you upset or feel off, and what do you plan to do about your feelings to change them and enjoy your life?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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