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“When you truly see someone, it’s impossible not to love them.”

~ (me)

Please remember these 3 things:

  1. Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful; if you are exposed to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual trauma as a child, you will have engrained patterns of extreme emotional responses to everyday situations. And if you don’t know how to heal them, they will persist for life.
  2. When you strip away all of your responsibilities, worries, concerns, aggravations, irritations, and discomfort from your day, who are you and what do you ‘actually’ want to do? I’m sure your answer is that you’re a loving, kind person who wants to help yourself and others in some way, shape or form. Humans are kind beings, confused by unhealthy mind patterns that can easily be reprogrammed and turned into something wonderful.
  3. The essence of who you are is the part of you that has always been and will always be. It’s the giggle in your voice as a child, your mischievous ways as a teenager, your work ethic as an adult, and your sense of humor throughout your life. It’s your truth, or the person you are independent of life circumstances. And you are quite lovely. The essence of you is love, and you have a special and unique way about you. The essence of all of us is love, and it’s beautiful to see how many forms of love there are while seeing you.

So, if the ‘bad’ in us is a subconscious program that is easily healed, and the ‘good’ in us is innate, it seems to me we have nothing to worry about. It seems to me the only concern we might have is mass-intervention and education, to help reprogram our powerful subconscious minds to fulfill our true desires: to love and help.

Today’s thought exercise:

How about you? Are you willing to accept the world is made exclusively of kind and loving people, except that many people are confused and may need some help? And if so, how do you think you might be able to help?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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