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When you’re worked up, the only word you have to remember is ‘pause’.

This is true whether you’re overly excited about something good, bad, or in between. Each moment of pause you take allows for you to oxygenate your brain, muscles, and organs; with each breath, you bring calm awareness to this moment, to any decision, and towards your life path.

Decision making is easier when you take a moment of pause. Negotiation works better when you allow silence to permeate the air for a few awkward seconds while you stop thinking, feeling, or taking action; instead, just be.

Your reality is a cumulation of your thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns. Perhaps the simplest way to be more intentional with your life is by giving pause to any moment that invokes high emotion. You’re far more likely to make a decision that sits well with you, so long as you take a moment to stop feeling any emotion you’re experiencing, observe it instead, and then take decisive action in a direction that’s meaningful for you and your right life.

Here’s a three step plan for giving pause, so you can achieve perspective:
  • Step #1: Stop. Stop breathing, moving, thinking, and feeling. Simply, stop everything. (3-5 seconds)
  • Step #2: Inhale through your nose with a sniff breath, allowing your belly to fully expand, your shoulders to rise ever-so-slightly, and your ribcage to expand outwardly from your chest. (hold 3-5 seconds)
  • Step #3: Observe if the absence of emotion/feeling is more favorable than what you were previously experiencing and decide how you prefer to feel instead.

Your new feelings will guide your thoughts, which will in turn reinforce your feelings and guide your actions.

Today’s thought exercise(s):
How many times today could you have benefited from 10 seconds of pause, rather than carrying a feeling or energy forward you never wished to experience? How about in the last week? Can you imagine your life in just 6 weeks after dedicating yourself to this simple exercise? If so, why not choose your future reality as present tense, beginning now?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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