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If life were a movie, would you be the actor, observer, director, producer, or audience watching from the comfort of your home?

Trick question; you’re every one of these roles, all at once. Yet, if no one told you there was a movie being filmed directly outside of your home, you probably wouldn’t go outside and watch. Without an education in film, you’d probably be pretty hesitant to direct or produce the movie. And, if you were never taught you could watch your own life like flipping through channels on a television, you’d probably be stuck inside of your own head.

So, today I challenge you to step outside of yourself. Take a look at yourself from a higher perspective, watch your actions, listen to your words, and observe your feelings. As you gain comfort in the ‘observer’s’ role, consider what happens next.

Direct the movie of your life after you begin to see patterns. For example:
  • Today, you might be engaged in a conversation that doesn’t feel good. You’re playing the role of ‘actor’ or ‘actress’.
  • Tomorrow, you might notice the same circumstance, but instead of concentrating on what to say next, you take a step back and see it happening in slow motion. You realize you’re not feeling great, and you prefer not to have conversations like this in your life. You’re playing the role of ‘observer’.
  • The day after tomorrow, you find yourself in a similar situation, but you remember how it plays out. You make a choice to crack a joke and redirect the conversation, changing the feeling you’re experiencing, and beginning a new scene in your ‘life movie’. You’re playing the role of ‘director’.
  • In a week or two, you begin to realize while a conversation is taking place directly in front of you, it’s actually having a ripple effect in your life. The emotions you experience ricochet off people around you and change the way each of you are likely to interact with the next person you see. On top of this, you begin to consider how other people’s conversations and interactions are intertwined with your experiences, and how each moment you are alive is a moment someone else is too; when your paths cross, you will have preconceived notions from past experiences, and your past experiences will change your perception of one another. Since you’re now ‘directing’ a few movies at once — as you begin to understand the interplay between your reality vs someone else’s — you are now in the ‘producer’ role.
  • Fast forward a month or so, and you see a negative interaction coming your way; your loved one is about to be upset, direct it towards you, and a fight is about to begin. This time, you’re watching it happen, emotionally unattached to the situation, and with a higher perspective of how you can change the outcome, improve your experience, and show compassion for what’s taken place in his/her day before you began interacting. All of the sudden, it occurs to you that you’re watching the movie of your life, instead of being stuck in a particular role you never wanted. Congratulations, for you are now the actor/actress, observer on set, director, producer, and audience.

Your conscious mind is acting and observing; your subconscious mind is directing, producing, and watching. Since your conscious mind plays a smaller role, it becomes important to understand your subconscious beliefs and programs, and to take ownership over them.

So, you begin noticing patterns of feelings you experience, decide if they ‘serve’ you or ‘hurt’ you, and revisit where they originated. As you time travel backwards in your life and find the origin of these feelings, you replace negative emotions with positive ones. You choose ‘love’ and ‘joy’ instead of ‘fear’, ‘anger’, or ‘resentment’. In the process, you reprogram your subconscious mind to seek out more love and joy.

And, you begin to feel bliss.

Before you know it, you’re living your ideal life, and you’re watching your favorite movie of all time. Except, instead of this movie coming to an end, it seems to keep going and going; you persist in a state of bliss.

Today’s lesson:
Take a step back. Then, take another one. And another one. And one more time.

I’m so grateful for you,


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