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Is ‘obligation’ real?

It depends; if we consider your word a higher currency than money, then I suppose if you say something, you should do it. Yet, I believe each of us can remember a situation when we gave someone our word, learned new intel that made the situation change, and then had to adjust our plan.

So, in this case, are you ‘not’ obliged to do something once promised, so long as you are communicative as you back out?

It seems there are exceptions to giving your word, which suggests there are exceptions to any obligation. However, each of us value the ability to trust another person and her integrity. So, what is the balance, or is there one?

I motion for ditching obligations and following heart, instead.

What say you?

When you remain true to heart, certain commitments will fall by the wayside, and you’ll live a true and happy life. If everyone else does the same — with the best of intentions — doesn’t it ‘all’ work out?

In this situation, you honor someone’s word, and you offer compassion and understanding when circumstances change. You realize the term ‘obligation’ suggests you — at a certain point — are supposed to do something that is not meant for you. And, in coming to this conclusion, you acknowledge you prefer to live without conditions on your happiness.

Today’s thought exercise:

If obligation is out the window — and you’re able to live true to heart — how does your life now look, and how does it feel? In actuality, I suspect your life is more or less the same, but it probably feels different; therein lies the secret to happiness: perception, or feeling.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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