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What does the word ‘new’ feel like to you?
  • Exciting?
  • Scary?
  • Intimidating?
  • Familiar?
  • Fun?

Babies are new. Job changes are new. Falling in love is new. Diagnosis of disease is new. Learning and acquiring new skills are new.

New can represent so many different feelings, depending upon you, this moment in your life, and what you think about when you hear the word. Many times, we get excited about new, but we also feel intimidated — or some form of stress — by the same thought and emotion.

I challenge you to convert any ‘fear’ you have surrounding the word new to ‘excitement’ instead. In fact, I recommend you convert any fear you have to excitement, even when life-threatening. The difference between fear and excitement is the difference between being able to rise to the occasion and perform vs becoming frozen and shell-shocked.

By converting any fear or ill-feeling you have regarding ‘newness’ to excitement, you are increasing your chances of enjoying what’s to come. You are embracing the dynamic nature of life. You are thriving, because you are proactively responding to each moment, instead of reacting from a deep, subconscious emotional space.

And if you feel otherwise, consider the first time you experienced ‘new’ in your life. What happened that may have initiated what you’re feeling right now? Is it still relevant? Or can you revisit that memory and change how you feel about it now?

By revisiting old memories that create subconscious reactions you no longer desire, you are revising them to be more productive for your best life. And from the moment you do so, you will be re-writing your subconscious programs.

Observe how you feel. Enjoy the moment. Proactively respond to your environment and acknowledge new is the very nature of life. Every moment is new. Every experience is new. Every person you know is new, each time you see them.

Instead of holding onto past misconceptions about a person, friend, or family member, consider re-meeting them the next time you see them. Do the same for yourself. Rather than hold onto a past story you’ve told yourself about your life, your personality, your strengths or weaknesses, re-consider who you are and what’s possible.

Today’s thought exercise:
What if everything you don’t like about yourself no longer had to exist? Would you feel more free and capable of reaching any goal you have?

You are literally one decision — and feeling — away from taking your power back and living your best life. All you have to do is reach inside your heart and change your mind. Decide.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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