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What if we replaced ‘money’ with a different currency, what would you choose?

Perhaps, you might choose:

  • Love
  • Integrity (your word)
  • Bliss (happiness)
  • Time

or something else altogether. In today’s society, we’ve chosen money, which has created competition, scarcity, and ideals of superiority equaling “success”. Yet, those at the ‘top’ of success typically report feelings of loneliness, ineptness, and fear of betrayal.

So, how well does our current system work? And what happens when we exchange ‘money’ with ‘contribution’ and allow each of us to contribute our best talents?

In this situation, those who are naturally inclined to nurture would show and give love. Those who are naturally inclined to lead would become visionaries, and those who are meant to create the party would play DJ, gather folks for meal time, and help us lighten the load through dance. People who are meant to predict, understand patterns, and deduce outcomes might be put into a position of decision-making, with an understanding no one role is more important than the next.

How would money fit in? Or the division of currency/resources? Would it now be based upon effort and level of contribution? And does it even make sense to consider one hour or minute for ‘person A’ vs one hour or minute for ‘person B’?

For example, some people are slower to make decisions and take action, but they tend to take precise and decisive action when they do. ‘Thinking’ — for this person — may last 2 weeks, and the 2 hours of effort to follow may be more productive than someone else who takes constant action for 3 weeks straight. So, who should receive more ‘life resources’ in a situation that can be perceived as one person trying harder than the other? (example: how do we measure who receives more gasoline for their car, food for their families, etc.?)

I suppose it shouldn’t be about ‘time input’ in this case, or ‘effort’, per say, since we all have our unique abilities. Perhaps it makes more sense to measure on a scale of ‘good living’ or ‘good vibes’, where there is a community rating for people who do their best to be their best. Provided we — or the technology — understand and value how each of our talents is important — and no ‘one’ talent is better than the next — our rating system can avoid bias.

And, if we have an ability to rate ‘good vibes’ as a community, perhaps we might be able to help others before they spin out of control? And before we need to limit resources; understanding each human being will always get a ‘minimum’ amount of resources to sustain life and have the opportunity to thrive. Plus, this way anyone who wants ‘more’ has the ability to contribute more and be a more involved and loving member of the community. Together, we survive and thrive.

Today’s thought exercise:

Imagine having everything you need, and no longer considering things you ‘want’ to be relevant? How would you feel the same or different, with this slight shift in perspective? And if everything you ‘wanted’ were actually available — but you had to look at things differently — how might they look? And what would you be doing differently? And with whom?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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