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Misconception is at the heart of nearly every problem on planet Earth.
Here are some examples to help explain:
Religion — in order to help humans live in peace, love one another, and discover the world without interfering with someone else’s ability to live happily, religion was born. Throughout time, it’s been recited, modified, and praised; yet, the point of intersection where religions meet is perhaps the intention, rather than separation and a set of rules that ultimately create hatred, fear, and a lack of acceptance for other human beings.
Power — throughout time, there has been a rising and falling of various super-powers of the world, from Ancient Egypt, to the Romans, the Moors, and now the present day United States of America. On each occasion, a super power has attempted to balance expansion with caring for its newly appointed land/people. Strangely, the method has always been destroy first and love second, but when we take an eagle-eye perspective on this issue, it seems a bit backwards doesn’t it? Like, for example, it’s possible people would rather follow a leader who loves them, cares for them better than anything they’ve ever experienced, and shows them life is an opportunity to experience, rather than be repressed. At a basic intellectual level, overwhelming a country with force — and then hoping they will someday forget and honor you — is a failed strategy.
Money — society would like you to think the more money you make, the happier you will be; in actuality, there is no relationship between money and happiness, beyond an ability to pay your bills and have minimal to moderate savings. Some of the best examples of happiness I’ve seen in my life are in 3rd world countries, amongst groups of people who hardly have enough money to put food on the table, but they do have that much. On the other extreme, I’ve met plenty of billionaires and millionaires who have tons of money and aren’t that happy. In other words, money can be fun for play, but the ‘state’ of happiness begins and ends inside. And, in some circumstances, money complicates happiness, creates separation between friends and family, and results in stress related to taking care of all material possessions rather than the simplicity of enjoying nature and all of its gifts.
Love — if there’s any topic that creates more fighting than religion or money, it has to be love. Perhaps it’s because we learn we are supposed to find a mate, spend our lives with this person, and create a family; but, we believe anyone who ‘betrays’ our love is unforgivable. In fact, most of us tend to spend our time assessing whether or not our loved ones are being as honest and loving as they say they are. With a sneaking suspicion — i.e. lack of trust — we attempt to love, but we’re missing the most basic aspect: love the person/soul, not the situation. If you love someone, it won’t matter what s/he does, for your sincere hope will be for their best life experience. Sure, certain actions will result in an incompatibility for marriage, but if you really love them, your sight will be trained on their happiness, rather than your own. And, the nicest part is their intentions will be focused on your happiness, so it works out anyway.

You see, we are attempting to communicate through language, which often leaves many topics misunderstood. Language, in most cases, does not suffice for communication. What one person says can be misinterpreted easily, and in the age of texting, emailing, etc., we’ve seen this challenge grow.

Instead, consider ‘feeling’. Strangely, we seem to think our feelings are internal, but that doesn’t make any sense. I can feel you if you’re angry, and you can feel my love through my words. Feeling is external — not internal — suggesting we have excellent antennas for receiving feelings, and our minds do a great job of explaining them with language. However, we do feel, and we feel each other.

So, next time you want to communicate, consider closing your mouth and feeling. Look at someone, love them, and attempt to feel your love without distraction. Let your feelings do the speaking, and let your words do the thinking.

Today’s thought exercise:
When’s the last time you felt misunderstood, and can you imagine a scenario where you might have been able to stop speaking — feel compassion or love instead — and resolve the situation with the ‘look’ in your eyes and ‘feelings’ in your heart?

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


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