Making love

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Making love.
I know of three ways to make love:
  • Intimately, with a partner
  • By setting an intention to fill yourself with love and feel your heart pump love all the way through your body, until you feel warm, fuzzy, and calm
  • By setting an intention to send love — through you and your thoughts/feelings/vision — to another person

Most people only know about the first way, and even when they learn of the other two, forget to spend time on them. Yet, loving yourself comes first. When your love tank is completely full, you are able to un-resentfully overflow with love towards others. By setting an intention to love others, and to send them love, you are actually creating a shift in your energy and theirs, even if they are not in your immediate surroundings.

Want proof?

Call a friend. Ask your friend to assess how they feel. Tell them to rate their happiness level on a scale of 0 to 10, where:

0 = totally in the dumps, super sad
10 = ecstatic, like the happiest you’ve ever been or could be

Then, both of you close your eyes. Tell them you’re going to be thinking for a minute, and ask them to rate their happiness again. During the 60 seconds of “thinking”, choose an extremely happy memory with them and re-live it. Re-live the joy, the excitement, the loving friendship, everything. Feel it in your heart, see it in your mind’s eye, and think through the conversations, experience, or whatever it was.

When you ask them how they are feeling 60 seconds later, I think you’ll be shocked by the difference.

Imagine if we all spent time intentionally loving on people every day. Imagine the power of going on an intentional journey of the mind and heart, dedicated to people we love on each occasion. And imagine helping them feel amazing, every single time. Can you see the potential ripple effect?

Finally, we have physical intimacy. We’ll discuss this topic a bit more another day; for now, the most important take-home point is to focus upon connection, rather than sex when it comes to physical intimacy. The more you feel a deep connection with your partner, the more opportunity there is to make — and share — love through sex.

Perhaps worth considering, the distinction between ‘sharing’ love throughout your day vs ‘depending upon’ love for a physical need may be the difference between a ‘heavy’ and ‘featherweight’ heart.

Personally, I combine ‘intentionally sharing love’ with an intention to keep my own love tank full; my finding is that the world gets way brighter when personal love comes first.

Today’s thought exercise:

Do you spend time loving yourself, for who you are deep down? And might it be worth setting an intention to close your eyes and watch your heart pump love all over your body, just to see if it works and you feel better?

I suppose anything is worth a try…

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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