Lose Fat While You Build Muscle

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I’ve got a special treat for you today – here’s a F.REE workout that will get you lean while building muscle at the same time. I recommend you do this workout 2x/week, with a total of 4 workouts/week, in rder to get the best results.

Therefore, the challenge is on you – if you really want to take complete charge of your health and body, the first step is learning how to replicatea good workout to add variety. That’s your homework assignment today.

HOMEWORK (sorry, I know it’s lame 🙂

Replicate the workout below, placing an emphasis on different muscle groups. In the workout below, you’ll see that I’ve focused on quads, glutes, lats and biceps as the strength muscle groups, while working
whole body endurance and energy system training.

Have them build a workout as well and compare your responses.

The workout below is dedicated to Vince Delmonte and Lee Hayward; today is the last day of their Grand Opening Sale on 21 Day Fast Mass Building. This program has been proven to help people gain up to 12 pounds of muscle in 21 days, which is absolutely insane.

‘Massive’ Fat Loss <— get lean and strong.

Warm Up: 10 minutes gradual intensity build, as follows:

  1. Jumping Jacks – 10 reps
  2. Mountain Climbers – 10 reps/side
  3. Cross-Over Climbers/Breakdancers – 10 reps/side
  4. Split Jacks – 10 reps
  5. Squat Thrusts – 10 reps
  6. Mountain Jumpers – 10 reps

Rest 10 seconds and repeat until you have reached 10 minutes.

Special Workout Instructions:

On the following exercises, make sure you hit ‘Momentary Muscular Failure’ (MMF), meaning that your last rep performed is the last you would be capable of without breaking form. The targeted # of reps is listed below with each exercise.

  1. Barbell Squat x 6 reps
  2. Bent Leg Deadlifts with Dumbbells x 15 reps
  3. Bench Press on Ball with Dumbbells x 6 reps
  4. Incline Bench Press on Ball with Dumbbells x 6 reps
  5. Renegade Dumbbell Rows with Dumbbells x 15 reps/side
  6. Alternating Reverse Spider Lunges – 30 seconds
  7. Middle Trap on the Ball x 30 seconds
  8. Spider Plank on Vertical Dumbbell x 30 seconds

Rest 5 minutes and repeat x 5 sets/workout.
Estimated total workout time: 55 minutes


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