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Step outside and let ‘it’ in. Take a deep breath, hold it for 6 seconds, now exhale slowly.

Let your breath out, let the stress go with it; and on your next breath, let light fill your lungs, reach through the depths of your body, all the way down to your toes. Let the sun fill your heart, and feel the warmth.

You are awesome.

Channel the Earth’s resources and use them. Here are a few examples that I use every time I treat a patient, give advice to a loved one, or meditate:

I connect with the sun, moon, or stars, and let it penetrate my body and soul. I feel it in the top of my head, and I envision the connection between us. Then, I let it fill my body, and trust what comes next, whether it’s a healing touch, words of wisdom, or a feeling I may get. Whatever it is, it’s right, and it’s what comes next. I’m using resources much more powerful than myself, because they are here for me.
Water is calming, reminiscent, and powerful. By connecting to water — with the same method mentioned above — I find peace, tranquility, and the ability to calm down a situation instantly. I use water to mediate a stressful environment, joint that is over-heated, or to reduce inflammation.
Wind feels gentle, mysterious, and passive. Channeling ‘wind energy’ into my body allows me to let things go quickly, browse through ideas before choosing one path, and place less importance on topics or conversations that might otherwise prevent me from seeing the whole picture.
Clay is malleable, much like emotion. When I have a patient envision clay in their joint before I place my hands on them, everything moves more easily, tissues release, and they are able to conform to proper joint alignment more quickly; conversely, when ‘I’ envision clay, I am able to adapt quickly, take shape, and provide stability to those around me.

Connect with Mother Nature. I think you’ll find the name ‘mother’ is far more accurate than we like to give it credit. She’s there for us, nurturing us, and ready to offer a helping hand at the drop of a dime.

Look around you, watch a dog sniff the breeze with it’s nose tipped up into the passing wind… or tongue hanging out the window on a drive. Take a look at fish doing figure-8’s, or a frog alternating between land and water to feel warmth and then cool down.

We already ‘get it’. We just have to remember to take the time.

So, today — and every day from now on — spend time outside. Instead of just being there, take it in. “Stop and smell the flowers”, literally.

Concentrate less on statements sounding cliche, and instead consider them wisdom. Begin each day with light, figuratively by filling your heart with love, and literally by getting outside and letting the sun beat-inward.

Drink water, and a lot of it. Let it cool you as the sun warms you. Feel the breeze pass over your skin, and your toes touch the ground underneath you. Health starts with being healthy, and connecting with Mother Nature is one of the healthiest things you can do.

I’m so grateful for you,


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