Life #2

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Life #2.

Bonus time: when you’re told you’re going to die, but you end up alive.

A little over 2.5 years ago, I was given an opportunity to fight for my life. Little did I know, survival would rely on my ability to reprioritize, change how I think, and discover completely new avenues in health I never knew existed.

The night before I woke up dying, I remember thinking about my son. 6 months old, precious, and so amazing. I remember thinking about how lucky I was to have the opportunity to educate people — and medical professionals — worldwide on some of the most ‘advanced’ ways to get healthy. I remember thinking about how close I was to reaching my goal for the fastest and most precise shot in the world for Water Polo, six months before Olympic tryouts. I felt clever for having figured this out, for I believed it was my best chance at making the team, and I knew I could do it; only 2mph more, which was probably just another 5-7 pounds of muscle. And, finally, I remember thinking about how I might earn a bunch of extra income and create savings faster, so we could buy a beach home in southern California and be near my wife’s family.

In short, my concerns were:

  1. Finances
  2. Career
  3. Personal achievement
  4. Family planning

…probably in that order. My rationale was that taking care of finances was an investment in the future, for my family. Career was the stability of finances, so that linked together and needed to come first at this particular phase of my life. And personal achievement would serve as inspiration for my son when he got older. Or would it?

You see, I had lost myself. My true life priorities are:

  1. Love
  2. Honor
  3. Service

…probably in that order, as well. First, I must love myself and everything around me; unconditional love is the antidote to hatred, anger, and ill-will. Secondly, I must honor myself and the opportunity I have in this lifetime, while honoring others and their uniqueness at the same time. Third, I choose to serve, for it feels amazing and fills my heart.

In life #2, I choose to really live. I choose to not let anything get in the way of making the best decisions I can every day, staying true to heart; and I choose to be in a state of evolution and growth. I choose to follow my life priorities and never rationalize how ‘right now’ is an exception, because it’s an investment in my future. I honor that ‘right now’ may be the only moment, and it’s a beautiful thing.

In life #2, I found my passion and purpose again. I travel around the world, help others at healing and personalized health retreats, invest in myself and my own education and happiness, and I am consistently in a state of awe and wonder for the world around me. I spend incredible amounts of time with my family, and interestingly, I’ve watched everything ‘business wise’ improve steadily since I’ve followed my heart.

I live for me now. And it just so happens that ‘living for me’ involves spending time doing nice things for people, enjoying memories with those I love, and exploring new ideas.

I feel so grateful to be on life #2, and my wish for you is to live vicariously through me. Instead of waiting for a traumatic incident to happen to you, why not choose to live your ideal life right now?

My wish for you is to feel — deep in your heart — how satisfied you are with the life you’re living. I wish for you to feel bliss, to understand love is life force, and to be humbled by the perfection of your existence.

Today’s thought exercise:

If tomorrow you woke up dying, what would you change if given another chance?

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


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